You will be Punctual

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It was a weekend we have both been looking forward to for a long time. My wife and Jules’ husband were both out of town for different reasons, and Jules’ children were well taken care of. The excitement has been building for weeks.

I arranged a hotel room in the city so that we were both close to home, just in case. The time and place of our rendezvous was in the hotel lounge at 5:00pm on Friday night. It seemed like a good generic place hook up.

I traveled down to the city via train, checked into the hotel, and was in the lounge at about 4:45pm. The lounge was your typical hotel lounge; a few cloth covered chairs, a fellow cranking out some melodies on an out-of-tune piano, and a poorly lit bar. I needed a drink. A martini seemed appropriate, so I ordered one and sat at the bar. The bartender and customers chit-chatted, but I didn’t talk to anyone.

Time ticked by and about 5:15 I ordered another drink. I was getting annoyed and the gin was making me loose. I’d had nothing to eat for a while.

Finally, at about 5:30, you arrive. You sat down, ordered a cranberry and vodka, and gave me some excuse about your tardiness. The bartender liked what he saw when he looked at you, so he went kind of heavy on the vodka. You were dressed in the dress we saw at Costco, with no bra.

I wanted to be alone with you, so we finished up our drinks and headed up to the room. You started saying something getting something to eat, but I quickly said “later.” I wanted to get up to that room. I was angry and I was hard.

We entered the room, closed the door, and I turned to you. I grabbed you, threw you to the bed, and tongue fucked your mouth roughly. I pulled the dress up over your head (besides your shoes, it was the only piece of clothing you had on) and removed it. In one of the closets hung a bathrobe with a sash. I pulled the sash off, put you on your stomach, and tied your hands behind your back. I then dragged you to the bed’s edge and placed your knees on the floor.

I placed my left hand on your upper back and held you balgat escort down. CRACK! My hand landed on one of your ass cheeks. Immediately, my hand print appeared.

“You know how I am with time. Are you going to be late again?” I asked.

“No,” you replied softly.

CRACK, CRACK. Again my hand came down a couple more times. Your ass was becoming red now.

“I can’t fucking hear you Jules.”

Tears welled up in your eyes, your lips were quivering. “No,” you said louder.

I raised my hand up again, and out of nowhere, I hear a knock on the door. FUCK! Who is at the door? DAMN! So I tell you not to move a muscle and I go and open the door a little. In the hallway was a black guy with your purse in his hand.

“I found this in the lounge and wanted to return it,” the guy innocently said.

My mind quickly went into overdrive. I thanked him, then asked him if he wanted to come in for a drink. As I asked, I opened the door wide. His eyes opened wide as he saw you on the bed. He agreed to the drink and came in.

You started to turn your head to see him, but I sternly told you to be still. The back of your head was towards him. It soon became apparent that this guy likes what he saw. His sweatpants were no match to his rising erection.

“She pissed me off. I do not like tardiness, and she was late for a very significant meeting. I don’t want it to occur again,” I said.

“I can help you with that,” he said with smile on his face. He started removing his clothing. He was a good looking guy, shaved head, muscular body (but not too muscular), very dark flawless skin, medium height, and a long skinny dick. His dick was already erect, so he kneeled on the floor behind you. Your pussy juices were dripping down the inside of your legs as he, with absolutely no ceremony, slipped his cock into you balls deep.

I watched as I got undressed. In the meantime, after fucking you hard for about five minutes, he withdrew. He climbed up onto the bed, laid on his back, grabbed your head, and batıkent escort started fucking your face. He had no concern for your comfort at all. Your skull was there for his pleasure. He pulled your head off, looked into your eyes, and told you to spit on it. You did what you were told. He then lifted you up, turned you around, and positioned his cock at the entrance of your asshole. You were on your knees straddling him and facing away from him. He really enjoyed the view. He held onto your hips, spread your ass cheeks wide with his thumbs, and his dick slowly disappeared into your little used orifice.

I climbed up onto the bed and stood in front of you. I grabbed you head and slowly guided it over my member. You knew what I wanted and so did your tongue. As my prick went deeper, your tongue made circular motions around the bottom of it. The dick arrived at the back of your throat. Normally we both hesitate at this time, but I was still angry. I placed my hand on the back of your head, and with one swift motion moved my hips forward and pushed your head hard.

You gagged. Our stranger heard this and I think his dick doubled in size. He rose up and sunk his organ deeper. You attempted to back off, but your hands were tied, and I was not letting off the pressure on the back of your head. I held you there for a minute then told you to look up at me. Tears were flowing from your eyes as our eyes met. The stranger’s ass fucking never subsided.

“Will you ever be late again?” I asked.

You moved your head back and forth, so I let go. My cock withdrew as you breathed in the much needed air. I let you go for a few seconds, then fucked your throat again. Again you started gagging, but this time the stranger couldn’t hold back when he heard this. He grabbed your hips, shoved you down hard on him, and his hips rose. He started unleashing his pent up semen deep into your bowels. Wave after wave of juices flowed into you. My dick never left your throat.

The stranger finished and the two penises left ankara escort your body. You fell to your side and I untied you. It took a little time, but eventually everyone caught their breaths.

“Levi, can you start the shower? I would like to clean off our friend.”

So I walked in and did what was I was asked. You gently guided the stranger into the bathroom via his dick. I sat on the toilet lid and the two of you climbed into the shower. You soaped up his upper body, then slowly sunk to your knees. You thoroughly washed the stranger’s dick, kissing and licking it periodically. The kissing and licking caused the unit to start rising again.

“I’ve got to get going,” the stranger stammered.

“This won’t take long,” you quip.

She smiled at me and looked up into the eyes of the stranger. With one smooth motion, you swallowed then entire dick. Both the stranger and I gasped. I couldn’t hear, but I could tell that you were gagging. Your stomach tightened and loosened trying not vomit. You held it there for a few seconds, then pulled it out. Holding the base of his prick firmly, you started sucking and licking the head of his dick hard. He couldn’t hold back any more. You tasted his precum and knew what was next. You withdrew him from your mouth and started jerking him off. Bucket loads of semen started departing his body all over your face. You aimed away from your eyes so that you could watch him spew. Gobs of cum hit your face as his dick pulsated. You had the biggest smile on your face that I’ve ever seen.

The sperm dripped down your face onto your breasts as he finished up. Your mouth gave him one more covering, then he jerked for the final time. You washed his deflating organ again, gave it one last kiss, then he dried off and got dressed. I walked him to the door, again thanked him again for the purse, and he was gone.

We climbed into bed. The rawness was over as I laid on top of you. My dick slipped easily into you. As I held you, I realized how good you smell, how good you look, and how good you feel. The world was perfect at that moment. We made love like it was our first time. I held back no longer and released into you. I tried to hold our eye contact, but they closed as my body stiffened.

I don’t remember clearly, but I believe we fell asleep in this position. We were in love…

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