Young and Full Ch. 2

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We all sat quietly stealing glances at each other. Jimmy and I sat on each side of Pat’s legs our hands holding our now flaccid, well my cock was soft and spent, but Jimmy’s was still semi-hard. Mike still sat next to Pat on the couch and holding his still semi-rigid cock pulled the foreskin back and forth over the cockhead. Glancing at both the boys I remembered when I was their age how my cock never seemed to go soft, that was the good old days, I smiled to myself. Pat sat naked, her breasts still glistened with the cum Mike had deposited across them. She sat with her thighs slightly spread and the mix of my cum on her naked slit and Jimmy’s cum leaking from her pink lips dripped erotically onto the couch. Her fingers played slowly along the top of her thighs and over the top of her slit. She smiled at me and winked.

“You boys sure know how to have fun, must be you do this often, huh?” She looked at both of them and then down to their cocks.

“Well no we have never done this with any of our girlfriends….” Mike began his eyes watched Pat’s fingers play.

“….we’ve done them together in the same room but never anything like this. That’s for sure.” Jimmy too watched Pat’s fingers moving sensuously along the top of her slit.

“I bet you guys even have ‘fun’ when the girls aren’t around.” Pat smiled and moved off the couch. “Don’t look so surprised! Let me tell you a story while Jon has a treat he hasn’t had in years….”

I looked up surprised at her. She had a wicked smile and her eyes danced as she smiled at me. I suddenly knew what she was thinking. Kneeling across my chest her legs gently held my arms as she moved higher. Lowering her cum filled pussy towards my lips my tongue licked and I tasted the mixture of cum.

“….back years ago we had some friends…just the cum lover, not my clit or I won’t be able to tell them the story.” Pat readjusted herself so that all I had was her cum filled hole. “His name was Jake and his wife was Terry. We were great friends and one night after a few bottles of wine we decided to see what it was like to swap wives. ……Move around here so I can see your cocks while I tell the story, besides you can watch Jon clean my full pussy.”

They both moved around so they sat on their knees on each side of my head. It was evident that they were enjoying what they saw and the story, both their cocks were erect. Pat reached down and took a cock in each hand and stroked, they in turn began caressing her full cum covered breasts.

“Oh your cocks are getting so nice and hard! Anyway, Jake and Jon got undressed while Terry and I removed our clothes. Terry had huge tits, they were at least 44DD’s with big nipples. I thought Jon would cum just looking at them. Both guys were so hard you could see their cocks throbbing just wanting to try the strange pussy. Jake’s cock wasn’t as long or as thick as Jon’s but he could really fuck. Plus he stayed hard after he blew his cum and then could cum a ankara rus escort second time. I was so disappointed because he put me on my hands and knees and within a minute he had begun cumming, but then really surprised me. He didn’t stop and I felt his cock ramming me his cum being forced out of me as he fucked me harder and harder. In that position I could feel his balls slapping against the top of my pussy and I knew he was going to fill me again!”

Both Jimmy and Mike’s cocks were rock hard as they listened and Pat’s hands stroked them up and down. I wanted to reach down and play with my own cock but with Pat’s legs still holding my arms I couldn’t reach. Thinking of that night and watching Pat jack off the two young cocks my own cock had begun to fill with blood and lay against my thigh.

“….Terry had put Jon on his back and sucked his cock then she mounted him. He loved her tits and played with them as she rode his cock. I remember telling Jon that Jake was going to cum again and I could feel it shooting in my cunt. Terry was smiling and watching Jake fuck me….ohhh yesss…” Pat had begun to move back and forth over my mouth and tongue so that I could lick her turgid clit as she moved. “Terry was riding Jon’s cock hard and she put two fingers down between her legs……like this….and began jacking off as she felt Jon’s cock begin to fill. She kept saying over and over, he’s going to cum, that huge cock is going to cum!”

Pat had taken one hand and was jacking her clit off while with the other hand she had reached out to Mike’s shoulder for balance. I could feel her cunt spasm as her climax ran through her. I continued to lick and swallow as I tasted her cum mix with what remained of Jimmy and I. The veins strained along the length of Jimmy’s cock and Mike’s foreskin was pulled taunt on the shaft and the round all of his cockhead was a deep purple. They stroked their cocks as they watched mesmerized as Pat jacked off into my mouth.

As Pat’s orgasm subsided she reached up and had both hands on the guys shoulders, her juices flowing into my mouth. “After Jake’s second load he slipped out of me and sat back on the floor, I moved up towards Jon, I hadn’t cum and my clit was screaming for release….you two are going to cum again aren’t you?!….”

Both fists were flying up and down their shafts and they could only groan to the affirmative. Lying on my back as I was I could see their balls were beginning to tighten to release their loads.

“I want you to unload your cum at my belly and pussy…shoot your hot cum on me…..but I want to see you finish each other off…jack off each other’s cocks and shoot your hot cum….” They never hesitated but grabbed one another’s hard pricks and jerked them, their free hands held and squeezed their own ball sacs. “Oh Jon look, they’re doing each other and they are going to cum.” Pat and I both watched as Pat continued. “I could feel the double load of cum leaking bahçelievler escort out of my cunt and I moved up over Jon’s face just like I am now except I was facing Terry. I lowered my full pussy down on his mouth and moved my clit so he could finish me off. It didn’t take me long as Terry reached out and began playing with my tits, so I reached over and played with hers. Jon began cumming in her pussy and his tongue really started licking and sucking my clit and drinking my cum filled……that’s it guys…yes …YES … milk your cum filled cocks!”

Cum they did! Cum shot from their cocks onto Pat’s belly…legs …pussy and my mouth. Their cocks, just inches from my eyes, shot load after load onto Pat. Releasing their cocks the cum dripped from the tips. Together they pushed Pat back until she was bent back on her knees, her hands flat on the floor held her up. In one motion they moved down and began licking the fresh load of cum from her belly, thighs and pussy. Three tongues converged on her slit and together we tongue fucked her cum coated pussy.

“ohhhh..OHHHHH….gawdDDDDDD…..AHHHHHHGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!” Pat entire body shook, her hips bucked against our tongues as she peaked with another orgasm. We all continued licking her swollen lips until she collapsed and rolled off onto the floor. “….no more…oh damn…no more-e-e-e…”

Jimmy, Mike and I looked at one another, our faces covered with cum and smiled……My hand went to my cock that lay hard against my lower belly. Slowly I circled it with my fist and began to lightly stroke it. Pat rolled over and pushed herself up onto the couch. Her entire body was flushed from her multiple orgasms and she gently caressed the insides of her thighs. Lifting her foot she placed it on my cock and hand, “Don’t cum yet we all need a rest.” She smiled and looked around at all of us. “Besides I want to feel that cock of yours inside me…..and these young men aren’t done with me yet.” Glancing over I could seem the remnants of cum still dripping from their cocks, yet they were both still half hard.

Standing up I picked up the empty cans, found Pat’s wine glass and headed for the kitchen for refills. My cock jutting out in front of me like a rod pointing the way. Mike and Jimmy moved up to the couch and sat on each side of Pat, each taking a breast in their hand and softly cupped them and touched her nipples. Her hands rested on their thighs. “Do you two jack each other off often? That was really erotic!”

Returning with the refreshments I passed them around and sat down across from them in the chair. Pat’s fingers had found their cocks and she ran them up and down the semi flaccid shafts. I watched the two young studs and my wife play as I sipped my beer and toyed with my cock. Mike was the first to speak….

“It was actually by accident that we first did it…” He looked over to Jimmy and they both chuckled. “I was home one evening, sitting around in my ankara escort boxers and he brought home a movie from the video store. It was one of those with two women, and the story line was really damn good.” Pat’s playing was having an effect as both cocks were beginning to become erect and laying hard on their bellys. “I started getting a hard on and in boxers that isn’t an easy thing to hide….We both knew we jacked off in our own bedrooms but had never been in that situation before…..the movie was really hot and my cock came out the opening in the front and I began pulling the foreskin up and down over the head….” Mike stopped. Pat had taken his cock and was pulling the foreskin of his cock up and down over the head. She had never seen an uncut cock before and was studying it as her hand moved.

Jimmy picked up the story. “I was like Pat, I had never seen a cock that wasn’t circumcised. I don’t know what affected me more, the movie of two women or watching him jack off. I got my clothes off and between watching the movie and him I started to masturbate. I’m not sure when or how it happened but we were both stroking like crazy and then we found our hands on each other’s cocks. We had to watch the movie a second time, because we were so busy making each other cum we missed it.”

“I love watching your cocks cum.” Pat had moved off the couch onto her knees as facing Mike and Jimmy was busy stroking their cocks. “I want to see them shoot again….ohhhhhHHHHHH…..”

Watching her do the two guys and her ass facing me was too much. Holding my cock in front of me I moved across to her and aiming for her wet naked slit I pushed in deep and began slamming into her. My cock was throbbing and my balls needed release. “Jack them off…make them cum…I’m going to fill your hot pussy…” I felt it cumming and holding her hips I buried the length and held myself still. My cock thickened inside her and I felt the first hot load explode deep in her pussy. “uhhhHHH..OHHHhhhh” I stabbed her with short staccato bursts as my cock unloaded. Pat’s hand was a blur on the two pricks she held in her fists.

“uh…uhh..mmmm…” Pat moaned as I fucked her. Mike’s hips raised off the couch and his first load landed across her back. Moving quickly she took his cock in her mouth her head bobbed up and down as she sucked and swallowed his load. As she was sucking Mike’s cock Jimmy had begun cumming and his load was running down his cock and over Pat’s hand. Having emptied Mike of his cum she turned to Jimmy’s cock and licking his cum off the head took his cockhead into her mouth and stroked his shaft again milking him dry.

I had emptied myself and had sat back against the chair and watched as Pat cleaned the two young cocks. “You guys like movies of two women, huh? It just so happens we have one of those, except it’s Pat with one of her girl friends.”

Pat stopped what she was doing and looked at me, her eyes wide.

I laughed. “Remember last month when I had to go out of town for a couple days and I came home the next day because the meeting was cancelled?”

“Ummm..yes I think they will enjoy that.” Pat smiled

Walking over to the bookcase I found the video…This weekend is going to be fun, I thought to myself…

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