Young Chinese lady part 2

Young Chinese lady part 2Me and her (lets call her J) decided to go on a ‘date’ in the coming Saturday for a movie in the evening. Reached her place at 6pm. Her mom went out to her friend’s place for a mahjong game and her slutty sister was nowhere to be seen. Was told later, she left earlier with some friends and were planning to go clubbing. So we had the house to ourselves. I rang the doorbell and within 3 seconds, the door opened slowly but she was only sticking her head out as she greeted me. Removed my shoes and went in to see J totally naked. My goodness gracious! The b**st in me straight up awakened to what i just saw. As J was closing the door, i can’t help myself but hugged her from behind. Then, kissing her right shoulder while my hands caressed her supple skin from the waist going down towards her thighs and to the side of her slightly wide hips before making my way upwards fondling her beautiful firm breasts. She gasped a few times throughout. J then turned around releasing herself from my torment and went for a deep kiss. Our tongues entangled. Exchanging salivas as our kiss got more intense and deeper. I reached under for her slit while kissing wanting to finger her but she was just a little wet so i cancelled that idea. J broke off the kiss. Squatted down and unbuttoned my pants letting out my nearly full erection. Like a starving woman, she grabbed hold of my shaft and gave a vigorous licking before taking me halfway in. J was like being possessed. Worshipping my shaft with licking and sucking intensely. Her sexual urges just went through the roof. We didn’t move from that spot behind the door for 5 minutes until i sounded off….”Shall we head to your room now?””Oh yeah. Hahahaha! Got carried away!” she replied with laughter.”U missed my ‘thing’ or just simply crave the sex?” I asked cheekily.”Hhmmm…..both i think. Hahahaha!” she answered with laughter again before the blushing came in.We proceeded to her room. I then removed every kaçak bahis piece of clothing on me and onto the bed with her. I noticed her slit was wetter than earlier. She wanted to continue the blowjob so i stacked 2 pillows against the headboard and leaned. Enjoying the show from the grandstand and relaxed to the feeling of an almost perfect sucking. She licked my whole package. Slurping my balls alternately in between blowjobs. Its just nearly 10 minutes but it felt like hours. “Alright…..its my turn now” i said.”Ok. I’m a little wet now. Hope u gonna enjoy it!” she admitted happily as she took up my place now.I peeled her right labia first. Licked and sucked it before moving on to the other one doing the exact same. Spread her lips opened as i could see the wetness. Her pussy was beautiful and the faint smell of feminine wash lingered from it. I enjoyed her love hole and its surrounding thoroughly just like what she did to me. Her moans started to be heard from the ongoing oral pleasure. She placed one hand on my forehead as i went wild with my tongue inside of her. By this time, i’m unsure if she was really wet by herself or it was my saliva coated her orifice. Hhmm…maybe both i think. I didn’t manage to get her an orgasm from the oral even after that wild 10 minutes but i wanted her pussy that instance.”Ok… lets have u turn around and be on all fours” I suggested.”Starting off with doggy?” she asked.”Yeah. Shall we?” i asked in returned.”OK but its been a long time since i last did this position as i like the traditional one” she replied while positioning herself.”Lets just try for a few minutes and if u don’t like it, we can always try others” i suggested again.”Alright then. I’ll let u know if i…. Aaahhh!!” she let out a loud gasp as i unexpectedly entered her while she was trying to finish her sentence.I adjusted her posture here and there as i was pumping her. Her moans and gasps getting louder. Her love tunnel was now well lubricated. casino firmalari Every time i bottomed her out with a thrust, she gasped louder before continuing her sexy moans. Then she became a little vocal. Her elbows gave way as i rode her hard. I was fully focused on my task at hand- pumping hard- and began massaging her light brown anus with my right thumb. Took me awhile to fully enter my thumb in afterwards. She didn’t say anything about it. I was making circles in her tight anus. Its been 5 minutes but no feedback so i pummelled that pussy firmly. I knew J already started to like this position better. She was constantly moaning loud for a good couple of minutes now. “AAAHHH!!!!” she let out an orgasmic moan lasting a few seconds. My shaft felt her secretion flooded on the inside . “Stop! stop! Give me a moment please. My head is spinning!” she begged as she laid on her tummy with heavy breathing.I went down to her butt cheeks and started kissing them. Playfully biting into her. Goosebumps could be seen on her body and ass. Kept licking and nibbling on her delicate part until she recovered.”Oh my!!! That was great!! A little over the top for me but one of the strongest orgasms i ever had since i can remember!” she exclaimed.”Hehe! I can see that. Its been a long while for u and u deserved that!” i said.She smiled and gave me a kiss before requesting for a missionary. I suggested the spoon position but was rejected. But its alright for me. Her pussy was gaping from the serious pounding just now and got me wondered if her bf will feel the difference when they have sex few days later. Well who cares. Maybe he have enjoyed some pussies overseas too.I re entered her as she laid back with her legs wide apart. She was producing liquids like normal now. I made love to her with every strokes feeling like it was the last. She put her arms around my neck as i penetrated her. Gave me kisses as and when. Her moans returned. The volume was güvenilir casino getting louder. Her face getting sexier. My balls swinging and tapping on her anus lightly as it heightened the pleasure that she was feeling. I knew i’m getting close but she was even closer. Then i raised myself on my hands thrusting her deep as i could. Her clear secretion has now some white creamy lotion-like nectar which soon followed by another orgasm making her arched her back and tilting her head upwards in ecstasy. I removed my shaft out of her and slowly grinding her slit as she was regaining herself from that last orgasm. And when she came to, she saw the white creamy thing on my shaft and her pussy. She asked then.”Did u came too?? Inside of me?” “No i have not but i’m about to” i exclaimed.”I thought u did” she said with a look of relief.”I won’t such thing to u J” i assured her.”And in fact, that was yours!” i continued.”Oh my gosh! I am so creamy” she said in disbelief.Its like it never happened to her before. I ain’t done with myself yet so i just kept teasing her slit down to her anus with my shaft and its head. It doesn’t took long before i fired off what it felt like a volley of 21 rounds. Landed on few different spots on her and the bed sheet also. She looked satisfied after all done. Took a quick shower with her before getting ourselves ready for the movie and dinner. In the shower, she demanded another round tonight when i sent her home later. I agreed and looking forward to it but another thought also already embedded in my mind- her slutty sister. And so we proceeded to our destinations with that thoughts kept looping in my mind. We were just entering the cinema searching for our seats and a text came in and it read:’Done fucking my sister today?”Yup but she wanted another round later’ so i replied.’Oh wow! She’s a horny woman isn’t she? Hahaha!’ she texted again.’Hey look whose talking!’ Hahahaha! I poked fun at her.’Save some for me tomorrow!’ she continued.’Ok sure will’ i replied.I smiled and turned to J giving her a deep french kiss as the movie began. My mind nearly went berserk trying to calm my heart and soul getting overly excited with the thoughts of pounding both siblings!

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