By TotallyNakedTom


Part 2 Dark Nights and Neon Lights



He was naked outside, and he felt so exposed and turned on, even though he”d just cum. Jason chased after Conner and Devlin. Down the street the three ran.

Past the drive ways that lit up as they ran by, down the streets without street lights. They reached Burbank Blvd and Conner and Devlin raced right across. Jason reached the corner about fifteen seconds later but by then a line of cars was driving by from both directions. Jason clapped his hands over his crotch as the cars zoomed by. Dozens and dozens of cars drove by their lights flashing on Jason”s naked body. Oh my God, he thought. The line broke and Jason got the chance to run across the street. He thought he must only have spent a minute on the street corner, waiting to cross but it felt like a million years.

His cock was alive again by the time he reached the other side of the street, fully boned. Down the street between the film studios and the prop rental places. The street was mostly empty but the security guard, sitting in his cloth folding chair, watched Jason as he ran by, butt naked. Fuck, that was so embarrassing!

Across the bike trail and down the street. There was no sign of Conner and Devlin. Were they already home? Was Jason going to have to get all the way home completely naked? Shit, shit, shit, this was so hot though.

Jason reached Magnolia. If anything, Magnolia was busier than Burbank. And there were pedestrians here, wandering from the bar on the corner. Jason ran to the cross walk. He never got a chance to dart across the street so he pressed the walk button and waited for the light to change. If this didn”t turn him on so much he would be pissed at Conner and Devlin but it was all he could do not to touch himself right now. This was really really really fucking mezitli escort hot.

The light took forever. People walked by, and they looked at him. Some laughed, some were turned on. Jason”s face burned bright red. He covered his boner with both hands. Someone gave him a good hard spank and Jason yelped. The guy laughed as he continued on. Finally, the light changed and Jason crossed the street. It was still a few blocks to his place but there were so many less people than on the main road that it felt like he was home free. Only when he got there, Devlin and Conner were still nowhere to be seen.

They must be up in the room already. He knew the door code, he could go in. Or should he just go across the street and try and sneak in through his window? He was trying to decide when two assailants grabbed him dragged him down with them into the bushes. Jason stopped struggling when he realized it was Conner and Devlin.

“Guys! What the fuck?!” Then he saw that neither of his friends were wearing pants or underwear. They were both naked from the waist down. “Oh…” said Jason. Conner nodded. Devlin slid forward, his dick already boned and waving from side to side. Jason took it, struggling to get the whole thing in his mouth. He sucked Devlin”s cock while Conner lubed up Jason”s butt. “You brought lube?” Jason tried to ask but Devlin”s dick was deep in his throat so it came out, “cue ought ube?” but perhaps less intelligible.

Whatever the case, Conner understood. “We were taking you to go streaking and then have you masturbate outside. Of course, I brought lube.” And with that, Conner was done lubing Jason up. He started lubing up his condomed penis and positioned himself beside Jason”s butt, spreading Jason”s legs wide and over his head. He lined up the tip with the butthole. Jason tensed in anticipation and Conner asked, “ready?”

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Jason nodded, while chowing down on Devlin”s dick. Conner slid his dick into Jason”s ass. Back and forth they all went, thrusting into each other. They moaned together, perhaps louder than they should. A pair of hands parted the bushes and a young man looked down upon them. The threesome did not stop. They just kept going while their voyeur watched. The young man waved someone over and a middle aged man appeared. They watched as Jason, Conner and Devlin fucked behind the bushes for their audience.

That was what tipped them over the edge, having an audience. All three of them came together. Devlin spurted into Jason”s mouth, filling it up and dribbling from his lips. Conner came in the condom in Jason”s ass. It pulsed repeatedly, filling Jason up. And Jason came into the air, spurting all over his chest and finally into his face. He shut his eyes, as splattering sperm splashed on his face and into his hair. The three boys lay back, exhausted, and their voyeurs vanished into the night.

“That was amazing,” said Jason. “I think that was the best orgasm I”ve ever had. I can”t believe I just came twice.”

Conner and Devlin were already putting their pants back on. Jason lay, naked and exhausted on the grass. Conner reached out a hand to help Jason up. Jason took his hand and rose. He stood, his penis drooping, a bit of ejaculate still hanging from Jason”s foreskin. Devlin reached out and shook Jason”s dick, the bit of cum splashing on the grass. Jason was covered.

“I need a shower,” said Jason, pulling leaves and bits of cum from his hair.

“You do,” said Conner. “Your feet are really dirty. Glad you didn”t step on anything.”

“Me too.” He looked at the bottoms of his feet, seeing the dirty soles.

“You want to shower at our place?” asked Conner, handing escort bayan Jason his clothes out of his back pack.

“I kind of want to just go home.”

“Good luck getting around your roommates,” said Devlin as they entered their building. Jason stood, naked, before his apartment building. He looked at his clothes. He considered putting them on but then he thought, why? It was nearly three am. Sure it was Friday night, well Saturday morning now, but… Everyone should be asleep, so he should be able to get away with just walking in naked and taking a shower and going to his room.

Jason unlocked the front door and slipped through the empty hall. It was dark. Jason threw his clothes in his room and naked, covered in sweat, leaves and his own jizz, walked to the bathroom off the kitchen, which was the only bathroom on this floor. He started up the shower and climbed in.

The hot water was amazing. Jason held his head under and let the cum slip from his hair. He turned and let the stream hit his back. Oh, so good. He took up the soap and washed himself, cleaning the dirt from his feet and the cum from his face and body. He shampooed his hair to get the rest of the jizz out and stood beneath the stream, feeling the water on his body.

A few minutes passed and Jason shut off the shower and toweled off. He poked his head out the bathroom door and looked at the closed doors to his roommates” rooms. There were no lights coming from beneath the door. He should be good, although this was the first time he”d been naked outside of his room in the house since his unintentional streak on Monday.

Jason crossed the kitchen. He started down the hall. The roommate who”s room was next to him started to open the door. Jason saw it slowly opening, panicked, and looked to the carpeted stairs beside him that lead up to the second floor. The second floor was used by the owner, they were his private rooms. Was he even home right now? Probably not. Jason raced up the stairs, his feet padding on the carpeting, before his roomie could see him naked.


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