Subject: “Young Lovers,” Chapter 43 Chapter 43 I rode Crush the next morning before breakfast. With cooperation from Joon and Byron, neither of whom seemed to have softened their hostility to Crush at all overnight, I released him from the bonds that had secured him to the bed all night. He sat on the bed rubbing his wrists, looking from me to the boys, who stood guard. For a moment I wondered if the kid had had enough. After all, I’d taken his straight-boy virginity by force the day before. Joon and Byron had roughed him up a bit and, Byron had further humiliated him by jacking off in his face. True, he had been a complete asshole and I felt no guilt whatsoever — as far as I was concerned, he’d gotten what was coming. But now, maybe it was time to call it quits. Maybe–” “What are you looking at, you n______ monkey!” Crush snarled at Byron the moment he showed up after leaving his guest for the night. And that did it — no way was I going to let him get away with that kind of racist shit. Apparently Crush hadn’t learned his lesson yet. Byron radiated silent rage as he slowly disrobed and then began menacingly stroking his cock toward erection. Joon was already hard, and stared with equal menace. I reached into the drawer for the lube. The minute I began greasing myself up the kid knew what he was going to get, and shook his head and started a stream of curses. Ignoring this I instructed him to lie down and spread his legs. Almost before he could protest Joon and Byron in unison grabbed him, threw him face down and smacked him a couple of times until he cooperated. “Come on, no, no, no!” the boy whined, as I smashed his face against the mattress, all toughness and bravado suddenly gone. “Yes, yes, yes!” I responded, caressing his ass with one hand as I held his face into the bed with the other. “Spread `em wider,” I commanded. Before he could even react, Joon and Byron each grabbed an ankle and pulled his legs wide apart. “Make a wish, guys!” I cried. I roughly caressed the back of the boy’s head then, pulling his multicolored locks a bit. “What’samatter Maurice, don’t think that’s funny?” I asked. I placed my palm on his lower back then, and slid it downward thumb first, until I was digging deep into his crack. Despite his squirming my thumb found his anal knot. I leaned forward and muttered in his ear. “Yeah, this is what I want.” I rubbed up and down, pressing inward against his button, which did not yield. Yet. Knee-walking closer, I bent my slippery erection downward and tucked it into his cleft. “No, come on, shit!” the boy cried, wriggling as much as he could considering Joon and Byron were each holding an ankle and a wrist. I caressed his tight, muscular shoulders, his glossy light brown skin like satin. “Why you fightin’ it!” I exclaimed. “You know you’re gonna cum when I fuck you! Just like you did last night! You know it’s gonna feel good! Soooo good!” I searched between the kid’s cheeks with the head of my cock to find the right spot, then pushed. It took almost as long to get into him this time as it had the day before. The boy tried to grit his teeth and keep from yelling this time, but he couldn’t help it as I penetrated him. “YAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!” he cried. I went very slowly, steadily and firmly. I had scarcely been in him thirty seconds when he gave a distressed cry and shot all over the sheets. I had heard about guys who were particularly prone to ejaculation when being fucked — “anal sensitives,” they were called. I’d never encountered anybody like that before and so I had sort of assumed that might just be a gay fantasy. But this boy certainly fit the description. “Yeah, you love it, don’t you baby? Just admit it!” I cried, caressing his neck more gently this time as I thrust into him again, more deeply now. He said nothing, just gasped and squirmed a bit. I rested a minute to let him get used to my cock in him, then screwed him carefully and deliciously. His small, muscular ass was just as tight as before. Crush yelled a lot as I very gradually increased the force of my thrusts, and I couldn’t tell if he was in much pain or just yelling in anger and frustration. It was great. Slowly, slowly I fucked him. I began gnawing at his neck, biting his ear, licking the top of his spine. Eventually the boy gasped and came a second time, and when he did I couldn’t hold back any longer. I gave a few harder thrusts and ejaculated deep inside him I lay panting on Crush’s back. We lay still, glued together by the sweat from our early morning exercise. As I recovered from a great fuck I found myself wishing that Crush could somehow be tamed, that he could accept that he really did need to be fucked, that I could screw him with love instead of force, that–” “Get the fuck off me, asshole!” came the boy’s muffled snarl. So much for any tenderer thoughts about Crush, I thought to myself. I waited another minute just to spite him, then rolled off and, still pretty depleted, looked up at Joon and Byron. “You guys wanna take a turn?” “Not worth my time,” said Joon, his voice dripping with contempt. “What about you Byron? You look pretty horny this morning. He may be a sack of shit, but he’s tight as hell. It’s gonna feel real good ramming those ten thick inches of yours into him. They oughta loosen him up very nicely! Right Maurice?” I caressed the boy’s neck. The boy looked back over his shoulder at Byron, his face crumpled with exhaustion, and something else as well. Then he dropped his forehead onto the mattress, defeated, at least for the moment. “Or maybe you’d just like to give him a good sucking instead, hey Maurice?” I continued. “You ever felt a real big cock going down your throat? Huh? You ever had a bunch of cum in your mouth? Thick, slimy cum? Byron makes a hell of a lot of it! Tablespoons! It’ll fill your whole mouth!”” I slid forward and lay next to the boy. “Tell you what. I’m in a real good mood today, so I’ll give you a choice. Either Byron’s gonna fuck you hard and deep — way deeper than me — or you’re gonna suck him off and swallow his cum. Your choice. Then the three of us are done with you, and you can get the hell off this island and back to wherever you came from.” I caressed his sweaty shoulders. “So what’s it gonna be?” The boy lay silently. I waited some more. Finally Joon’s voice came from behind me. “He’s gonna suck Byron. Them I’m gonna fuck him.” This was a change. I raised up on one elbow and looked over my shoulder at him. His face was unreadable. But I knew he had something on his mind. Unless he was very upset Joon never did anything on a whim. “Fuckin’ right. Imma do this bitch,” Byron muttered, still fisting konya escort his huge cock, which by now soared up from his hairless black groin fully engorged. “We gotta sit him up, then,” I said. “He’ll never get that thing down his throat while he’s lying down.” Suddenly, without warning, Crush snapped into action. For a split second I think we all froze and the boy vaulted off the bed with amazing agility and almost made it to the door. Almost. But Byron was able to grab at his arm and, as he scrabbled for a better hold, Joon tackled Crush. I was close behind and as Joon and Crush squirmed and clawed at each other I grabbed the boy around the chest and dragged him onto his back. In a few seconds the three of us had subdued him, though he still writhed under us, eyes squeezed shut. “Fuck you fucking assholes! Get your fucking shitty hands off me! Mph! You cocksucking fuckers! Get your monkey dick away from me, get that shit outa here! I’m gonna fuck you up so bad! I’m gonna–AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!” His torrent of expletives ended in a scream as Joon, having had had enough of Crush’s mouth, proceeded to squeeze his balls. It wasn’t easy but the three of us eventually wrestled Crush into a kneeling position. Joon had grabbed one of the ropes and with it I was able to secure the boy’s hands behind his back by tying his elbows together. Once this was done, amid more cursing and struggling, Byron was then able to sit on the edge of the bed, his knees spread wide on each side of Crush’s head, while Joon and I held the boy in place. “I’m gonna bite that motherfuckin’ thing off!” Cush muttered, head down, eyes squeezed shut. Joon grabbed the boy’s balls. “Try it and you’ll never cum again, asshole!” Joon hissed. I grabbed the boy’s hair and yanked his head back. “That’s right, Maurice,” I said. “Young Lovers is done with you. Nobody gives a shit what happens to you now. We can easily crush your balls to mush, then send you back home sperm-free. No sex ever again.” “Yeah, and without your balls working, no more hormones,” sneered Joon. “So no more muscles. And you’ll have a little girly voice. Maybe you’ll even grow some nice titties, so the boys will want to DATE you!” Aa he said “DATE” Joon squeezed the boys balls again. “So you start sucking, bitch,” ordered Byron, shoving his erection forward and into Crush’s face, “and if you try any shit Joon’s gonna make you wish you never had any balls cause they’re gonna hurt so bad.” Crush’s face became a mask then. He drew a deep breath, let it out in a whoosh and then, knowing he was beaten, leaned forward and sucked most of Byron’s cockhead into his mouth. Even though Joon and I had been largely bluffing with our very questionable physiology, Crush seemed to buy it. Fort the next few minutes, as I sat back and watched and Joon maintained a determined hold on the boy’s testicles, Crush sucked Byron’s massive cock. From time to time Byron would give him an order — “lick the head,” “take it deeper,” “kiss it on the bottom.” Crush would comply, though his compliance was usually accompanied by sighs and occasional muttered curses. From time to time I’d lean forward and whisper in his ear. “You don’t have to fight it, baby.” “Don’t pretend you don’t like it a little bit.” “Deep down you want that big cock inside you, don’t you?” Every time, Crush would snort or tense his shoulders in resistance to my words. I had to hand it to him — he was a strong-willed kid. Like his fellow Scorpio, I thought to myself. I caressed his sweaty skin, my thumb stroking the glyph at the back of his neck, wishing again that I could penetrate his defenses. But it wasn’t to be. Byron began thrusting slowly and steadily now, gripping fistfuls of Crush’s green and red locks as he began to control the boy’s head. Crush’s eyes were squeezed shot but he seemed to take the big cock without resistance. But after a minute, when Byron thrust slightly deeper, the boy began coughing, yanking his head away with a with a desperate choking sound. Byron shook the boy’s head roughly. “Take it, man! Don’t be a pussy!” he yelled. I put my mouth close to the struggling boy’s ear. “Relax your throat and breathe through your nose. You’ll get used to it.” For several minutes Byron tried to get his cock farther into the boy, but every time he did so Crush went in to a fit of coughing. Finally, Byron’s patience ran out. Gripping the boy’s hair tightly in one fist, shoving his cock against the boy’s cheek, the black boy began whacking his cock with a vengeance. After a minute he rose to his feet in a crouch, feet spread wide, bending over Crush, banging his cockhead directly against the boy’s mouth as he pounded away. I gazed at Byron. His bicep veins were bulging, the coal black skin of his chest glowing, his fist moving faster, his eyes squeezed shut as he grasped and strained for his climax. His teeth were gritted, his lips pulled back in a grimace. I reached out with my fingertips and lightly stroked his thighs, his ribs, and finally his butt as it rapidly flexed and hunched. I trailed my index finger over his tailbone and downward an inch or two toward his crack. He breathed more and more heavily. He licked his lips as he smashed his cock against Crush’s mouth again and again. “Mph. Mph. Mph,” he began gasping softly as he snapped his hips forward against Crush with blinding speed. I trailed my fingertips down the backs of his beautiful, flexing thighs. Suddenly Byron’s eyes flew open and the rhythm of his thrusts faltered for a second. Then, with a great bellow, Byron let loose. As the first gush of cum hit Crush in the mouth he tried to yank his head away. As if on cue both Joon and I grabbed fistfuls of hair and rammed the boy’s face against Byron’s rigid pinkish-black organ as it spit out wad after wad of jizz. “YAAAAHH!” Byron cried, head thrown back now, every muscle on his body bulging with strain, his fist still flailing, as his organ splattered cum this way and that. It splattered onto Crush’s cheek, into his eye, into his hair and then, as the boy gulped for breath, directly into his mouth. Finally, as his climax faded and his thrusts slowed, Byron opened his eyes and stared down at Crush, as if reacquainting himself with whoever it was he had been showering with sperm. Then, still gripping his cock firmly with one hand and Crush’s hair with the other, he slowly smeared his cummy cockhead around and around the boy’s face. “Who’s a monkey now, bitch?” he snarled, breathing hard. “Huh? Who’s a monkey now? You gonna call me a n______ monkey again, cum-face?” Crush said nothing, just accepting Byron’s treatment with his eyes closed.. With a final konyaaltı escort disgusted shove of the boy’s head Byron rose to his full height and stepped away from Crush. “You gonna let my fuckin’ arms go now?” Crush tried to sound tough but his voice came out in a kind of whine. “Sure, just lie down,” snapped Joon, finally letting go of his balls and shoving the boy down on to his face, arms still secured behind his back. “But you still need to get fucked. Spread your legs!” Joon commanded. “Fuck you!” Crush retorted, with a snarl of rage. “Do what he says and we’ll untie your arms,” I said. “Otherwise . . . ” I grabbed the boy’s elbows and tugged them back forcefully, which I’m sure didn’t feel good. “AH!! OK, shit!” The boy slid his legs a little farther apart, and Joon and I loosened the rope that had secured him. As fast as lightning the boy twisted to one side and attempted to scramble away, but Joon and I, assisted by Byron, wrestled him back down, as he cursed up a storm. Joon then lay down on top of him, while reaching under himself to get a grip on his cock. The boy began struggling mightily, and Joon rode him like a bull rider. The boy managed to get up onto his hands and knees — and that was his mistake. His new position allowed me to get my hands on his balls. Squeezing his two nuts in their soft, moist sac, I yelled, “You’re defeated, Crush! Accept it like a man! Show us you’re something besides a little whining racist bitch!” “Yaaaah! God! Aaah!” I loosened my hold. “You want more?? Say, `I give’ or I’ll squeeze down harder!” The boy gritted his teeth and said nothing. Jesus this kid was tough. I really didn’t want to damage him, but I did squeeze a little harder. Fortunately that did the trick. “OK, I give! Fuck!” “OK then.” I let go of his balls, and at the same moment Joon’s hand came around from the other side and grabbed the boy’s limp organ. “Hold still!” he commanded. “It’ll hurt a lot worse if you force him to ram it in all at once,” I advised Crush. The boy didn’t respond to me but he did hold still, his belly rising and falling rapidly as he gasped for air. Working one hand in a slow kneading motion on Crush’s cock Joon pulled one of Crush’s asscheeks aside with the other hand and jutting his hips forward, nosed his cockhead into Crush’s cleft. Then he gripped his cock firmly, worked it around a bit until he seemed satisfied, then leaned over Crush’s back and began pushing. The boy gave a bellow, but Joon kept pushing, and at the same time kept working Crush’s cock. Despite the boy’s obvious pain his cock wasn’t retreating any, but remained long and loose in Joon’s grip. Before long, as the boy continued to groan and gasp, Joon was in him about halfway. Then he paused, and turned his full attention to Crush’s cock. Surprisingly the boy actually seemed to be hardening a bit. Holding his own hips still, Joon’s hand began a stroking motion now. After another minute of silent masturbating — a minute in which Crush remained passive and cooperative — it was obvious. Crush was getting an erection. It wasn’t until the boy hardened up fully that Joon began again, rocking slowly back, then pressing firmly forward, then rocking back again. He showed unusual patience, especially since he was screwing someone he loathed. I wondered what he had in mind. I knew Joon. This wasn’t just going to be a simple fuck. His patience wasn’t a sign of kindness to Crush. Something else was going on. A minute went by. Then two. Then three. Gradually Joon penetrated Crush deeper and deeper, all the while making sure the boy stayed hard. I wondered at Crush’s passive acceptance — it was so different than everything he’d shown this far. Was he finally accepting defeat? Was he just gathering himself for another rebellious outburst, another attempt to escape? I watched Joon’s hand work over Crush’s cock. Gently. Insistently. Was Crush finally acquiescing because it simply felt good? Joon’s hands went to Crush’s hipbones now, gently pulling him forward time and again as he thrust, going nearly all the way in now. Crush’s long hair hung down on all sides. It obscured most of his face, but I did notice his eyes were closed. And once he licked his lips quickly, as people do when waves of pleasure pass over them. In another minute Joon was driving into Crush completely, and he picked up the pace a little. His hand now worked over Crush’s cock more insistently, more quickly. I could have been mistaken but it sure began looking like Crush was actually thrusting back against Joon as my boy thrust into him. Could it be? Suddenly Crush gave a sharp intake of breath and snapped his hips back hard. Immediately Joon gave the boy’s cock a cruel twist downward. “Ah fuck! Fuck!” the boy yelled. “Not yet, man.” Joon snapped. He resumed his thrusts. The boy panted, still passively accepting his thrusts. Joon resumed stroking the guy’s cock. It didn’t take long before Crush stiffened again in impending orgasm — and again Joon yanked his cock, staving off ejaculation. When, after another couple minutes it happened again, Crush whined, “Come on, man!” “Don’t like that?” Joon jeered. “Fine — I won’t touch your cock! After all, you’re such a big man, you’re not gonna cum just from being fucked! Are you?” He resumed screwing the boy, slowly and deeply now. “I won’t touch your dick, man. Anybody cums when their dick is messed with. But only gay boys cum from being fucked. Only bottom boys. So you’re gonna prove to us what a straight stud you are!” I saw now what Joon was doing. He realized that Crush’s super-sensitive prostate, or whatever it was, was his Achilles heel. And he was going to exploit it good. He was going to rub Crush’s face in the fact that despite his tough, macho posturing he actually got off on being fucked. Time and again, Crush would tense up, about to cum. And every time, Joon would stop him. Minute after minute of this went by. Byron sat down on the floor next to me. I flung an arm over his still-sweaty shoulders and gave him a hug. We made eye contact and Bryron gave a little smirk. He saw what was happening with Joon and Crush too. I caressed his neck with my thumb as we watched the spectacle in front of us. Joon was pounding Crush now, slamming him with a lot more force., The other boy couldn’t help himself, I saw, thrusting back at Joon hard now, unable to conceal his hunger for Joon’s cock. “Unh. Unh. Unh,” the boy grunted softly with every thrust. “You want it? Huh?” Joon taunted, fucking roughly now. The boy was silent. In a few seconds, another orgasm tried to come over him, and Joon gave him another konyaaltı eve gelen escort rough twist. Slime drooled now from Crush’s raging organ, as it banged, pink and hot against his belly in time with Joon’s thrusts. Joon’s face was red and sweaty, and no doubt he was having to hold back his own orgasm as he continued to torture the other boy. But I knew Joon’s iron self-control. He wouldn’t cum until he had decided Crush had had enough. On and on Joon screwed. The boy’s groans grew louder. Finally he mumbled something. “What?” Joon demanded. The boy said it again. “Talk so people can hear you, you little queen!” “Fuck, just let me cum!” “Cum? You wanna cum?” “Fuck! Yeah! Shit!” “You mean you can cum just from a guy’s cock up your ass? Huh?” Joon sneered. “Oh no, that can’t be! That’s so gay!” Joon jabbed him again even harder, his long undulating belly sinuous as a snake. The scorpion shone dully. “You’re the great Crush!” He thrust again. “You cheat when you compete! You throw little kids into the wall! You yell a bunch of racist shit, like some moron! With every exclamation Joon slammed the boy harder. “But you still want it? Huh?” The boy said nothing, his head drooping down. Only his hips seemed alive, responding to every thrust of Joon’s with a thrust of his own. “I’ll let you cum, if you just admit it. If you just admit you love being fucked!” The boy said nothing, and then suddenly he stiffened. Again Joon quickly grabbed and twisted his cock and stopped his ejaculation. He wiped his hand on the boy’s sweaty side, and Crush’s ribs glistened with cum. “Aw, man,” the boy whined. “Say it, you queer asshole!” The boy hissed, still obviously struggling with himself. Finally the strong-willed boy broke. “OK, OK, fuck! Yes!” “Yes what?!” Joon slammed him so hard the boy’s head banged down against the floor. “Yes, I –” Joon slammed him again. “I want to get fucked.” “A hard cock in my ass turns me on!” The boy was silent, gasping. “Say it!” “A hard cock in my ass turns me on!” “I want you to fuck me hard!” “Shit! I, um, I want you to fuck me hard.” Joon was apparently satisfied at this. Reaching around with one hand he grabbed one of the joy’s nipples and twisted, as he redoubled the force of his thrusts, pounding the boy’s head into the floor again and again. “Yaaaaaaahh!” Crush shouted. And this time, finally, Joon let him have his orgasm. “Ah!” the boy cried sharply, and a line of milky jism shot onto the dark wood of the floor. “Ah!” The boy shot again, while Joon rammed him relentlessly. His teeth were gritted and his lips drew back in a snarl. “Yeah bitch, take it! Take it!” he cried, his voice suddenly cracking with emotion as he pumped. “Ah! AH! AH!” The boy shot again and again, forceful, powerful bursts that shot onto the floor so far they ended up as quivering silver gobs beneath his chest and neck. When the boy finally finished he collapsed, but Joon went right with him, still screwing, still thrusting so hard it was as if he were trying to drive the boy’s hips through the floor. “Yah! Yah! Yeah, you bitch!” Joon yelled, his body thrusting wildly now, as he seemed to lose control, his sweaty back glistening, droplets running down his ribs, his hair askew, his eyes wild. Suddenly he gave a shriek unlike anything I’d ever heard from him, and buried his cock into the boy and held it there, jerking and spasming, as he came and came and came. Finally both boys were still. The room was silent. Byron and I looked at each other. He raised his eyebrows, as if to say, “Wow!” **************************** The noon plane had disgorged the day’s passengers. The plane had been full, with more gays coming for the Young Lovers Olympics. As they hustled off the plane, all of them with eager faces, as well as fat wallets, Marco and I waited on the tarmac. Crush stood with us. It had been odd to see the boy in regular clothes, and odder still to se him so subdued. “It’s time,” Marco said. Without looking at us, the boy headed up the stairs, suitcase in hand. There was something sad, something poignant, about this boy trudging alone onto the plane. Leaving the island, having failed. Despite how obnoxious the boy was, I felt for him. “Sorry it didn’t work out, Crush,” I called. The boy turned and looked at me a moment. Had I touched him a little bit? “Fuck you.” ******************************* I made my way back to the apartment soon after. I wove my way through knots of men and boys heading out from the cafeteria or standing around talking, mostly boisterously. Everyone seemed to be in a good mood. I noticed a crowd gathering at the pool, the site of some of the afternoon’s scheduled festivities. As appealing as dozens of naked, dripping-wet boys sounded. I decided I wanted to grab a shower and have a little down time after the disturbing yet exciting morning I’d had. I expected to find the place empty, but upon entering I heard low sounds from the bedroom. Peeking in, I saw a rather curious sight. Lying on the bed face down was Joon, and sitting on his butt, clad only in small gym trunks, was Parker, who was massaging his shoulders, chattering away softly. Johnny sat curled up in the chair, shirtless and wearing tight white jeans, reading a book. I entered and kissed each boy in turn. Johnny gave me a wet, tongue twisting kiss back. Parker accepted my kiss on the cheek, blushing, chuckling and looking confused but pleased. Joon grunted and continued to lie there like a lump, eyes closed. “He’s gone,” I commented, plopping down on the edge of the bed. “Good riddance,” Joon mumbled. “And yet . . . ” I said. Joon was silent. “And yet,” I continued, “he was a hell of a fuck. And Parker,” I added, caressing the redhead’s creamy, muscular shoulder, “Joon was completely out of his mind screwing him. You shoulda seen him. He was awesome.” “Yeah?” Parker asked eagerly. “Shit,” Joon commented, turning his face away from me. “You guys should have seen how he tortured that kid — tortured him with pleasure — until he was begging him to fuck the cum right out of him!” “That Crush guy?” Parker asked, eyes wide. “He was so, like . . .” “He was sooo awesome, man,” sneered Joon. “Very funny,” I said. “The kid had so much potential. Really, really hot. It’s just too bad he was so defended. So afraid, really. So–” “Give me a fucking break,” Joon protested, raising himself up to an elbow, turning and eying me with irritation. “He was a complete asshole — a showoff, a racist, a homophobe, a vulgarian. No redeeming features at all. If we’re about to hear the touching story of all his unmet human potential, let me know now so I can leave!” “All right, all right,” I said soothingly, rising to my feet. “I won’t mention it again . . . of course, I won’t have to, since . . . you won’t be able to forget probably the most ecstatic orgasm you’ve ever had . . .” The pillow just missed my head as I ducked out of the doorway.

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