Subject: “Young Lovers,” Chapter 51 Chapter 51 For a few days after I had my little breakthrough with James he was a very different boy. Pleasant-but-always-controlled James was gone. In his place was a warm, spontaneous, and sexually flirtatious kid who loved to laugh and yet was also very observant and intelligent. He was now spending every moment that he wasn’t in class either in my apartment or out at the pool with one or more members of my menagerie — Joon, Johnny, Parker, and sometimes Byron or Joe. He continued to teach Parker, and he wasn’t just giving him drawing lessons, either. Both Parker and Johnny expressed great enthusiasm for learning to control their orgasms. After a couple of days, probably because he couldn’t shoot, Johnny seemed to lose interest, but Parker was clearly fascinated. For several nights, while Joon would read and I would do some screening of prospective young lovers, James and Parker would be in the bedroom engaged in a very advanced sex education seminar. For the most part I left them alone, but occasionally I’d pass by on the way to the bathroom or to get something out of the closet or the dresser. When I did so I would of course stop and spectate a bit. Sometimes I’d find the two of them lying side by side masturbating. James would bring himself to the very edge of ejaculation over and over, stopping each time, seemingly without much effort, and with gritted teeth and deep sighs Parker would emulate him. Other times they would arouse each other. Once when I passed by on the way to the shower Parker lay splayed out on his back, knees bent, as James sawed two fingers back and forth in his ass while very slowly and carefully sucking his cock. I stood and watched as Parker would suddenly cry, “OK!” and James would pull off him as Parker writhed and struggled for control. A moment later, Parker would pant, “OK!” and James would resume his sucking, bringing him close to climax again with his succulent lips and writhing tongue. Occasionally the lesson would be more challenging. One early evening after dinner I sat in the big chair in the living room with Johnny naked in my lap, watching the two of them on the couch. Johnny reclined against me, and I lazily stroked his erection with one hand as I caressed his nipples with the other. The two boys opposite were practicing pausjng their ejaculations. “Imagine a stream of air is carrying you across the sky, right?” James instructed. “And you’re just relaxing into it, and you sort of breathe deep and slow, like the breeze, and your dick is just waiting, and it’s hard but you’re peaceful, right? You’re in control.” Parker was slowly caressing his monstrous organ, his thick beauty an angry crimson as he slipped his fist over it. His eyes were closed and he panted as he lay halfway against James’ shoulder. “Tell me when you’re almost there,” said James. I watched James watching Parker, his features relaxed and peaceful. His own cock was hard, but he seemed to just ignore it. In another minute, Parker gasped. “AH!” “Now, jack it out of you, then let go of your dick and just stop, and let the breeze flow through you, and just –” “YAH!” The first wad flew out of the mouth of Parker’s flaming organ, and Parker immediately let go of his cock and then slammed his hands against the edge of the couch cushion, gripping it til his knuckles turned white, arching his hips upward, gritting and grimacing, trying to hold himself back, but . . . to no avail. “UNGHHH!” As hard as the boy tried, more cum spurted up several inches into the air like water from a fountain. “Relax!! Breathe!! Breathe!!” James cried, his arm around Parker’s shoulder, pulling him to himself. But Parker had lost control. “AH!! AH!! OHHH!” A third spurt, then a fourth, then a smaller fifth erupted from his flaming cockhead even though he was not touching it. Parker subsided back onto the couch, and James looked up at me and shook his head with a grin. I grinned back. “Keep practicing, Parker,” I called. Later that same night Johnny left to meet a new guest, Parker was already in bed asleep and I was getting ready for bed myself. As I did so I could clearly hear James and Joon talking in the living room. “It’s unnecessary ornamentation,” Joon was saying. “You’ve got a dramatic scene, the tension is building, and all of a sudden there’s this long riff on his indecisiveness, all this pointless navel-gazing. It totally undercuts the momentum.” I had to shake my heard. Joon Tiang, age 16, was now critiquing Shakespeare. Apparently “Hamlet” was not quite up to his standards. “Ornamentation?” James exclaimed. “What are you talking about? It’s the poetry that sets Shakespeare apart! All the plots are just recycled stories!” “The language gets in the way at times. It’s not clean.” “And what’s wrong with ornamentation, anyway?” James apparently had grabbed one of his drawing pads. “Look at this! It’s all ornamentation! But you said yourself you thought it was really good!” “Well, yeah, it’s technically good. But it’s not a part of something bigger. It just sits on the page and is what it is.” “Well, so does Shakespeare! He just–” James stopped as I entered the room. It was probably my naked erection that did it. “Your argument is getting me hard,” I grinned. “Smart boys turn me on!” Joon rolled his eyes but said nothing. I was feeling provocative. I took a seat on the couch next to James, cupped my hand around the back of his neck, and pulled me to him for a kiss. He came willingly. I broke the kiss and looked at Joon. I expected a glare, but his face was neutral, just gazing at me. I kissed James again, a deeper and more lingering kiss. Joon was still unruffled. I scooted to the other end of the couch and gave Joon the same kiss. He responded rather tepidly, but he did respond. I sat back, and looked back and forth between the two of them. “OK, why are you cool about this instead of glaring and being jealous, as usual?” Joon just gazed at me. “You know I had sex with him, right?” I continued. “Were you trying to make me jealous by fucking him?” “No. I was trying to show a boy I really like that it’s OK to make love with one person and still keep your bond with somebody else.” “A lesson I’ve already learned.” I think my jaw probably dropped at this. “So — you’d be cool with me screwing — every boy in this island?” “Not really. But I know you’ll work your way through all of `em eventually.” I ignored this jibe. “Any particular reason it’s different with James?” I asked. Joon was silent. I suddenly realized something. “It’s because you respect him. Isn’t it? Joon flicked his eyebrows. “Well, that does make it easier.” “And you know he’s got a boyfriend already.” “So I’ve heard.” I smiled devilishly at James and then back at Joon. “So who is it?” “He hasn’t told me,” Joon replied. “So it’s none of my business.” I gave a dismissive snort. “You’re up on all the stuff on this island, large and small. Don’t tell me you haven’t put your spies to work.” Joon gazed at me serenely. “Actually, I haven’t.” I looked at James. He was grinning triumphantly at me. “Oh don’t worry, hot stuff,” I declared to James. “I WILL find out!” And before very long, I did. And the shock reverberated in my brain for days. ********************************* In a day or two, to my surprise and disappointment, the old James suddenly returned. It was a Friday, a couple weeks after the Olympics had ended. From the very first he had been edgy. When I had kissed him that morning as he stepped into his boxer trunks he gave me a cursory peck and then stepped away. This was totally konya escort unlike the exuberant and pleasure-loving boy he had shown himself to be for several days. He left for class with Joon, Parker and Johnny without saying goodbye. That afternoon he did not return. “What’s bugging James today?” I asked Joon, his head stuck in the refrigerator as he searched for an after-school snack. He shrugged. “He’s been weird all day. Kinda tense. I asked him was everything cool and he said yes.” He straightened up and began uncapping a jar of something. “I didn’t think he was really the moody type,” I said. Joon grabbed a spoon, dug around in the jar with it, and then slid an enormous spoonful of peanut butter into his mouth. “Me either,” he mumbled. “But he keeps shit to himself, I know that.” “Hmph.” “He was semi-stressing about this paper he’s gotta write. It’s way overdue. Maybe that’s bothering him.” “I never took him for the grade-oriented type.” “He isn’t. He studies even less than me. He gets by on brains.” “Like you. I didn’t know it was possible to study less than you.” “I study,” Joon sniffed. “When it’s something worth my time. I just don’t do busywork.” “Yeah? When was the last time you studied?” Joon changed the subject. “Hey, know what?” he asked thickly. “What?” “I need to fuck. Or get fucked.” “Yeah?” I asked, allowing eagerness to show in my voice. “Not you.” “Ah, not me. Always so considerate of others’ feelings, Joon.” He gave me a somewhat incredulous look, made slightly silly by a smudge of peanut butter at the corner of his mouth. “This from Mr. Monogamy-is-for-pussies?” “I never said that! Monogamy’s OK for . . . well, for the sexually unadventurous, the, uh, fearful, security-clutching types, the mindless conformists . . . ” “Well, since you’re none of those, you won’t mind at all if I take off and find some innocent, hunky little waif to fuck.” “I doubt if you’ll find a whole lot of innocent waifs on this island, but go ahead, give it a shot!” Giving me a stare and then a shrug Joon went into the bedroom, changed clothes, and then headed out the front door without a backward glance. *************************** The strangeness started at lunch the next day. Looking over the cafeteria as I stood in line I was delighted to see Marco, his vacation apparently over, holding forth among several staff members crammed around a single table. When I had gotten my food I hovered near the drinks table, eying him, hoping he’d make eye contact and maybe invite me to squeeze in. But that didn’t happen. Was he ignoring me? He had to have noticed me — I was only about twenty feet away and nobody was blocking his view. Shrugging to myself I located another table where Joe and Timmy looked to be just finishing up. “Hey hotties, can I join you?” I called. “We’re hotties?” asked rosy-cheeked Timmy, his eyes twinkling. “Well, actually, Joe is,” I said, sliding in next to the serious-faced boy. “I don’t know about you. I was just being nice.” “Aw, I’m hotter than Joe!” the boy grinned, his dimples adorable. I pretended to scrutinize him carefully. “Well, you’re cute, I’ll say that. But Joe has a very hot body — right Joe?” I gave the quiet boy to my left a hug. Joe was looking bashfully down at his tray. “How about you?” I continued. “I mean, for you to be hot, not just cute, you’ve gotta have a hot body! Joe’s is smokin’ hot!” “I got a hot body!” the boy exclaimed, still grinning but also seeming just a bit exasperated. “Ask anybody! I got a six pack, and my dick is big! Well, pretty big! And they say I got a perfect butt!” “Who’s they?” I challenged. “Well, Walter! He’s–” “I remember who he is! He’s the guest who . . . how did you put it? Oh yeah — he only has eyes for you. Right? And especially for your ass, apparently.” “Mm-hmm!” “Joe, bring Timmy over to the apartment sometime so I can check out his supposedly hot body.” “You can only look, though,” Timmy admonished impishly. “What? I can only look? I can’t sample?” The boy gave me a little flirty grin and picked up his tray. “Joe and me gotta go to the gym now. It gets too crowded later.” I gave Joe another little hug and then watched the two of them saunter away. In truth they both had pretty perfect butts, Joe’s little melons gripped by his tight beige cords, Timmy’s by cutoff jeans shorts about two sizes too small. I finished my lunch alone, content to check out the boy beauty all around me. For a moment I had forgotten about Marco, and so was a little taken aback to hear his voice behind me suddenly, loudly. “Hey, looks like you’ve been a busy boy while I was away!” I turned around. Marco was smiling, but there was something else unreadable in his expression. He stood next to me, strangely close. “I took a look at some of the prospects you identified,” he continued. “You’ve got good taste.” “Are you surprised?” “Well, let’s face it, Joon isn’t exactly killed with beauty, and he’s your main squeeze. I guess.” I guess? What the hell did he mean by that? “Good vacation?” I asked. “When’d you get back?” “Last night. Got a ton of stuff to do. Hey, sometime today send Joon over to my office. I want to . . . go over some things with him.” I must have looked nonplussed. Marco continued to stare down at me, unblinking. “Mm, OK. What things?” Marco continued to gaze at me oddly. “Just some things he’ll need to know when you guys get over to North Korea. I want to make sure he keeps himself under control.” This seemed strange. If there was stuff to discuss about our trip there — if the trip ever happened, which I was beginning to wonder about — why wouldn’t I be included? It suddenly hit me that Marco might actually be lying. I tried to read him, but his face was an impassive mask. “Sure. Actually I haven’t seen him since yesterday after school.” “Well, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding him. It’s a small island.” So I was being assigned to track him down today? In order for him to have a conversation with Marco that it seemed could happen pretty much anytime? This was getting stranger and stranger. “I’ll send him to you when I — see him.” Marco nodded, stared another unblinking second or two, then walked away. A few minutes later I headed out to find Joon. I knew he wouldn’t be at the gym. It was always packed Saturday afternoons as a whole island full of boys fine-tuned their physiques for Sunday check, and Joon hated crowds. I tried the library and checked back at the apartment before finally finding him in Byron’s dorm, lounging on somebody’s messy bed. He was in conversation with Byron and a couple other boys I had seen around but didn’t know. “Hey, any luck last night?” I greeted him, giving Byron’s neck an affectionate squeeze and nodding to the other boys. “Yes and no,” he replied enigmatically. “I’ve got a message for you from Marco.” “He’s back?” “Yep. He wants to see you. Something to do with our upcoming adventure.” Joon snorted. “Upcoming! I’m not holding my breath.” “Got any plans for today?” I asked. “Helping Johnny with some shit for his English class. Mulvahill’s such a fucking moron he doesn’t even know how to grade an essay. He gave him a D on a perfectly decent paper. He told Johnny he could redo it, so I’m gonna give him some suggestions.” “Well, go see Marco first in his office. He’s being sort of strange — see if you notice anything weird about him.” I spent the rest of the afternoon at the pool, getting in some laps and chatting with a couple of guests newly arrived from the Netherlands. By the time I got back to the apartment Joon konyaaltı escort and Johnny had finished their tutoring session and Joon had already left again — I wouldn’t see him until the following morning. Johnny and Parker had decided to practice the orgasm control techniques they had learned from James, and were giggling and gasping happily in the bedroom. I showered and went to dinner by myself, then spent the evening screening the last of the applicants Evan had assigned to me and turned in early, feeling a bit at a loss. It wasn’t just that I’d gone a whole day without sex, or even a little affection, I decided, reflecting back on my day as I lay in bed. What was it then? Just a strange, uneasy feeling, like I didn’t totally know what was going on, and that something was up that didn’t feel good. I was mystified by Marco’s odd, disconcerting manner with me — not friendly and joshing as usual, but almost challenging or confrontational, though it wasn’t really anything I could pin down. Joon’s disinterest in me always stung a little, even though I’d told myself I’d gotten used to it. Then there was James’ disappointing return to wariness, keeping his distance from me. And this odd request of Marco’s to meet with Joon. Nothing was adding up, and none of it seemed good. Of course, it didn’t help my mood that I was sleeping alone. Joon had disappeared, James was nowhere to be seen either, Johnny had persuaded Joe to join him at Cu Tran’s poker game, Parker was with a guest, and sometime overnighter Byron never slept at the apartment without Joon or Johnny. I missed having a little body to hug. It took a long time for me to fall into a fitful sleep. ********************************* The next morning Joon was still not back. I confess I waited for him for quite awhile, then finally ate a late breakfast with Johnny and Parker, who gobbled their food and hurried off to Sunday check. When I got back to the cabin I found Joon sprawled on the couch, his nose in a book. He looked up. “Hey,” he said laconically. “Hey.” Silence. “I’m bringing a message to you,” he finally said. “Yeah? What is it?” In reply Joon tossed his book aside, stood up, unzipped his skin tight jeans, shoved them and his briefs down to his ankles, turned around, bent over, and spread his cheeks. What I saw shocked me. His asshole was puffy and red, having obviously been used very roughly. “My God, what happened? And . . . how is that a message to me?” Joon took his time pulling up his pants and fastening them. He seemed remarkably calm for someone who’d been mistreated very recently. “It’s a message from James’ boyfriend. He apparently didn’t appreciate you screwing James.” He fixed me with a stare. “I guess he’s letting you know that if you’re gonna fuck hjs bitch he’s gonna fuck yours.” There was an edge to his voice I couldn’t quite identify. It took me a few seconds to reply. I couldn’t imagine any of the boys on the island being able to subdue Joon enough to fuck him that roughly. But maybe they didn’t subdue him — maybe Joon cooperated, probably after the usual struggle that always aroused him. “Who the hell was it? And did you cooperate? Did you–” “I was cooperating at first. It was really good sex. He has remarkable technique. Then he just got rougher and rougher.” “Shit! Well, who is this kid? I’m gonna deal with his ass right now, remarkable technique or not!” “Why?” Joon frowned. “I’m not complaining. I asked for it.” “You asked to have your ass battered to a pulp?” “You know I don’t mind the rough stuff.” “Did you cum?” He snickered. “Like a geyser.” This slowed me down a bit, but I was still seeing red. “Well, that’s not the point. The point is–” “The point is he was peeing on your property and you’re ticked off. In case you’ve forgotten, I’m not your property. We had this discussion already. I’m free to get my ass battered if I want.” I knew he was right, but by now I didn’t care. “Who is he?” I bellowed. “I’m going to pay him a visit and set a few things straight! Now!” He gave me a strange look. “Well, that’s probably gonna be kind of complicated.” “Why? Who’s this mystery boy who can dominate the shit out of the toughest kid on this island?” Joon blinked, and then, in a tone that carried just a suggestion of smug enjoyment at my bafflement, shocked me speechless. “It’s Marco.” ****************************** Marco! It was a few minutes later, and I’d left Joon to Joseph Campbell back in the apartment. I needed to walk and think, and I began making a circuit of the grounds. As I did so I made it a point of keeping well away from the long line of boys snaking from Butch’s office all the way across the main turf area in front of the cafeteria, all waiting their turn at Sunday check. In my current state of mild shock I didn’t need to deal with any boys right now, however charming — and naked. So James was Marco’s boy! Marco! Amazing. But, of course. Now it all fit. That explained why James wasn’t a fuckboy, didn’t wear fuckboy clothes, and kept his hair and grooming however he wanted. And maybe it also explained why James had suddenly changed two days earlier, back to his old wary self. It was because he knew Marco was about to come back from his vacation in the U.S. He’d let his hair down a little bit with me when the cat was away. But why had he been so wary with me in the first place? Why the need to sneak? Had Marco warned him against me? That must have been what it was. From my very first conversation with James, when he suddenly realized who I was and jumped up, picked up his drawing pad and cleared out, he’d seemed almost afraid of me. So that meant that, for all his good-natured joshing about my sexual interest in lots of boys, Marco had major reservations when it came to his own boy. Was he afraid I would steal James away if I got the chance? Or maybe he was just one of those jealous guys. Kind of like Joon. And maybe that answered another question, which was why Joon seemed so sanguine about everything. Maybe he recognized in Marco someone he could be comfortable with. Someone who understood his possessiveness, his proneness to jealousy, perhaps. And I couldn’t discount the fact that it seemed the sex had been really good. Intense sex seemed to always put Joon in a mellow mood — or as mellow as Joon ever got. And Joon, who was rarely complimentary of anyone about anything, had been impressed with Marco’s sexual technique. It certainly didn’t surprise me, somehow, that Marco was sexually very skilled. And that fit with the fact that James was so remarkably adept, controlling his ejaculations and working magic with his ass muscles. Marco must have taught him. I wondered how long that took. How long had they been together? I walked along the high bluffs above the sea. Gazing out over the sunlit waves I found myself wondering what would come next. What did I want to see happen? Did Marco and I need to talk the whole thing over and clear the air? The air certainly hadn’t seemed clear the day before in the cafeteria. Of course, that had been before Marco had screwed Joon. Maybe now, having evened the score, Marco would be cool with me. And how about me? How did I feel about someone I thought was my friend having me send my boy to him under false pretenses and then fucking him behind my back? And what about the fact that Joon had liked it just fine? I guess I couldn’t really begrudge it — Marco certainly knew about my own sexual philosophy, and he was just acting in accordance with it. And I had certainly had some good sex with James. Great sex, actually. So konyaaltı eve gelen escort what was the problem? I guessed there was none . . . and yet . . . I had always made it a point to Joon that I wanted him to have many different sexual experiences with different people. I wanted him to learn and grow, to find himself as a sexual person. And wasn’t that what he’d been doing with Marco? It was his first time with another adult besides me. Yet — there was something about it I didn’t like! My God, was I starting to get jealous? Possessive? Maybe just a little? I had to chuckle to myself. It seemed I would never figure myself out completely. Maybe there was something about sex that would always be a mystery. So what to do? Confront Marco and let him know I didn’t appreciate him screwing Joon, and forcibly at that? Even though I’d had sex with James myself, and even though Joon seemed perfectly fine with how Marco had worked him over? That wouldn’t fly at all. Confront Joon, even though he was only doing what I’d always encouraged him to do? That would accomplish nothing, an I’d lose some of Joon’s respect in the process, for sure. I closed my eyes with a big sigh and stood motionless for a minute, the warm tropical breeze ruffling my hair. Ah, let it go, I decided. Let it go. Joon was right — it was my pride that had been affected. I chuckled. Marco had been pissing on my turf all right. Just as I had pissed on his, however unwittingly. But who had actually been harmed here? No one. No one at all. I mean, what really matters? I seated myself on a large rock and gazed out to sea. Joon came first, of course. I knew I wanted my relationship with him to still be deep and strong. Of course I wanted hot sex too, but that seemed to be less and less frequent lately. And, much as I felt some sadness at that fact, I knew the sex, great as it always was, wasn’t as important as the emotional bond we had. That’s what had to stay strong. And I also wanted things to go back to feeling comfortable again with Marco — I really did like him. And who knows — I might wind up working with him. Or, more likely, for him. Maybe I’d just try to hang out with him after dinner, act like nothing had happened, and see how he reacted. Maybe things would go back to how they always were. As far as James went — well, I had to admit, I’d be pretty disappointed if he disappeared again now that Marco was back. He was such a smart, interesting kid — i could see why Marco, who probably could have his pick of lots and lots of boys, had chosen him. He was a cut above, and a fitting match for Marco. Yes, I still wanted him in my life. On top of how special the boy was, I’d really loved sex with him. It was so urgent with him, so passionate. And it would be fascinating to find out what other tricks he’d learned from Marco — James could probably teach me a few things! Now that I thought of it, in just two short weeks he’d become a part of my daily life, and I’d gotten really fond of him. Joon, Johnny and Parker had become attached to him too, although in very different ways. I headed back to the apartment. By now the line of boys waiting for Butch had dwindled down to just a dozen or so, and the tropical sun was uncomfortably hot on my shoulders. A nice cool shower was in order. When I arrived and swung open the door another surprise awaited me. I expected to see Joon still deep into his reading. Instead, tucked into one corner of the couch by himself was a shirtless James, working in his sketchbook, the same as always. Looking up he gave me his beaming smile. The full James sparkle. Before I could recover from my surprise and ask, “What’re you doing here?” he bounced up, tossed the sketchbook aside, came over to me and with no further ado grabbed me into a tight hug and planted a big juicy kiss on my lips. Never one to allow conversation, or much of anything else, to interrupt a kiss with a hot boy, I clutched him right back and, as I ground my lips against his, managed to grind my crotch against his too. In response he boldly grabbed my ass with one hand and smashed his hips harder against mine. “Mmmmmm!” I exclaimed, working my tongue into his mouth. James grunted and writhed his own tongue against mine. I caressed his short woolly hair and stroked his slender neck with my thumb. Finally, after another sweet half-minute or so, I pulled back and gazed into his open, smiling face. “Well, you seem like you’re in a good mood today!” I exclaimed. “I guess so!” I decided to not best around the bush. Studying him closely, I asked, “So you glad Marco’s back?” He tried to act nonchalant, but there was a split second of hesitation before he smiled bigger and exclaimed, “Sure!” “I know he knows.” “Knows what?” James asked, grin widening, perfectly aware of what I meant. i gave him a look. “Oh, that,” James grinned. “Yeah, he knows.” “How is he feeling about the fact I’ve made love to his boy?” James pursed his lips. “He’s cool.” He eyed me levelly, trying to read me. “You know he’s, uh, been . . . ” I stopped. Silence. “He’s been what?” In that moment I was stuck. I didn’t want to reveal to James what Marco and Joon had been up to if he didn’t already know. But I really did want the truth out in the open. I wanted to know if there were going to be any problems between him and Joon. Or, for that matter, him and Marco. He watched me with amusement. I decided he’d find out soon enough anyway, so I might as well tell him now.. “Did Joon tell you . . . ” “Yeah, I know they did it,” he grinned. “Marco told me. . .” With a little pride in his voice, he added, “We have no secrets.” “Do you mind if I ask you . . . ” “Ask me what?” “Well, it’s none of my business, so just tell me to shut up and I will, but . . . I’m really curious. About how he reacted. When he found out about you and me.” “Whooooo,” James chuckled. “He was . . .” “Pissed?” He eyed me then, and it seemed as if he pulled back a bit, editing his response. “I don’t know. He didn’t say that. He was, I guess, a little tense. But he had a long flight, so maybe it was more that.” I knew he was lying, but that was his right. I was about to ask if he thought Marco was cool with me now, but before I could, the door swung open, and I got my answer. I turned to see Joon and Marco enter the room together. Marco stopped and his eyes met mine. There passed a very tense, very silent moment when all four of us stood looking at each other. Then Marco’s hand went around Joon’s shoulders. Protectively. Possessively. Without me even thinking my hand slipped over James’ shoulders too, and held him to me the same way. The silent tableau remained motionless another few moments. Me with Marco’s boy. Marco with mine. Strangely, my mind was a blank. Then I saw a smile begin to creep over Marco’s face. The absurdity of our little scene began dawning on me as well. I felt myself begin to smile too. At that, Marco broke into a broad grin. I chuckled and shook my head. His arm around Joon’s shoulders now, Marco pulled the boy with him as he closed the distance between us and, with the other arm, gestured James to come to him. Wordlessly James and I both stepped forward, and smoothly, effortlessly, as if all obeying some mysterious, simultaneously felt instinct, the four of us melted into each other’s arms. My lips found Joon’s, and I could feel James and Marco kissing as well. Then, to my surprise, Marco’s lips replaced Joon’s, and the man sucked and nibbled aggressively at me. James’ arm tightened around my shoulders and I could feel his hot breath on my cheek. Then he began kissing me too. I tore my lips away from Marco to kiss James’ thick, juicy lips, then returned to nibble Marco’s, and then found Joon’s for good measure. “I’ve got an idea,” Marco muttered, his usual ironic amusement unable to entirely hide the eagerness in his voice. “Let’s get out of these clothes!”

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