youngins in the canyon


youngins in the canyonthe wife,karen, and i were hiking into a dead end canyon a few years back. it was a warm day and she wore a halter top and tiny shorts on her tiny little body although her boobs really pushed out that halter top. we had hiked this canyon many times before and knew there was only one way in and one way out. we had seen a car parked in the parking lot when we came in so we knew someone else was also hiking the canyon. about an hour into the canyon we came to little rise where you could see all the way back to the parking lot and we could see nobody else was coming into the canyon.we hadn’t gone far past the high point and we met the people from the other car. it was two youngins. i wasn’t sure which youngin was old enough to drive, we asked them if they had been all the way to the end of the canyon and they said they had and we were the first people they had seen.we told them our names and they told us they were billy and the bigger one was joe. i noticed them checking out karen’s halter top. i looked over at her and she kind of got that twinkle in her eye and leaned over to gave the boys a good look down her cleavage. they were really oggling her now, i thought maybe billy was getting hard, his shorts seem to start poking out a little.i looked at her again and she gave me that knowing nod of” yes let’s play” she loves youngins, a huge turn on for her as well as me. so i asked the youngins if they had ever had sex and they both blushed and shook there heads. we always carry a couple of blankets in our backpacks so i pointed out a shady spot nearby where we could spread our blankets. karen spread muğla escort her blanket and took billy by the hand and told them to get naked. once we were all naked she laid down with billy. he had a nice cut cock, not bad for a youngin. she spread her legs and i could see her bare pussy glistening from her turned on juices already flowing. she pulled billy over on top of her and guided his virgin cock into her mature pussy for his first lesson in the art fucking.joe and i were laying on the other blanket right next to them so we could see all the action. i reached over and felt joe’s cock and he started to pull away. i looked at him and nodded to karen and gave him the idea that if he wanted her, we all play. he relaxed and i moved in for a taste of this sweet your cock. joe’s cock was bigger and thicker that billy’s. i knew i had to be gentle and easy on this virgin cock so i could save his first cum for in her hot pussy so i just gave him some gentle sucking and licking….mmmmmmmmmmmmm sweet cockwhile i was a sucking his cock we were both watching billy and karen. she slid his hard young cock into her hot pussy and when it was all the way in she told him to hold still. she loves ot use her pussy muscles to feel a new cock, to squeeze it and feel the difference of the size and curve. i could see she was really into this young cock. then she told him to start slowly pumping it in her. i knew he wouldn’t last long. he looked over at me sucking joe’s cock and kind of half smiled, like he found it a turn on. his pumping got faster and he started to shudder and i knew he filling eskişehir escort her pussy with hot young cum. she looked at me and smiled. he rolled off and told joe to take his place.he jumped right between her legs, his young cock ready, she grabbed it and slid it in and held him in place so she could get a feel of this new young cock.billy came over to me, he knew what i wanted, he presented his young, cum and pussy juice covered cock to me i licked it, wow what a taste her pussy luice and his hot, young cum. i devored it, i,love this part because i know i can suck it as hard as i want because he just came but he still has that good feeling and because he is young he will be back real quick. i know she will want seconds of both of them.she now has joe pumping and he is lasting longer than billy, which is alright with me as i get to suck billy’s cock more which is already comming back to life as he pushing his hip back and forth getting into a rythym with my sucking. karen starts moaning, she is going to cum with joe and he is really pumping fast and then he groans and shoots his hot load in her. billy pulls away and jumps right up so he can get back in that hot pussy. karen just opens her legs and arms and takes him into heavenjoe comes over and i lick and suck his cock clean. i suck him to get him ready for more of that hot pussy. i want him to cum in her again so i can have a very sloppy cum filled pussy, four loads of hot young cum for me to lick and then slide my cock the time i have joe ready billy is cumming in her as she is cumming on his cock. joe gaziantep escort took billy place and i went to work on billy’s cock, licking and sucking it clean and then he started to pull away and then he turned himself so he could get access to my cock. the yougnin was wanting to try sucking cock. nice. the head was covered in precum which he quickly licked it off and went to sucking. not bad for his first cock, turned me on, had to really concentrate on not cumming, didn’t want to spoil my very very sloppy seconds joe and karen were both screaming as they were cumming again. joe pulled out i gave his cock a quick cleaning and looked at karen’s cum filled pussy. alot of cum was running out so dove right in and started licking… sooo sweet.. hot young cum and her pussy juices. there was so much cum, i couldn’t wait to get my cock in there. i slid it in and it was so sloppy, i could feel all that hot young cum around my cock.i am trying to go slow so i can enjoy the wild feeling. billy walks over and get on his knees so his cock is right in front of me. i start sucking and get a good movement going between me fucking and sucking this hard again young cock. i am amazed, before long he is cuming in my mouth, sweet nectar right from the karen rolls me over she loves to get on top and cum and cum and cum, she tells joe she wants to suck his cock while she is cumming on my cock. she goes to town on my cock and sucking joe’s cock. wow, what a scene and what a isn’t long before joe and karen and me are all cumming, god i came soooo hard and gave her pussy another load of hot cum.the youngins got dressed and they were on there way. we sat there and talked bout what just happened. she said it was so wild having two young cocks wanting her and knowing she was going to be their first. she said joe really shot alot of cum in her, she could actually feel each shot pulsing out of his cock… what a day

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