Your CockSucker: Stairway To Heaven

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Author’s Note: This is a 100% true story and this juicy send off does take place every time Rex has to go away on a trip.


Tabitha sat on the bottom step of the staircase, legs spread wide, her black nightshirt hiked up around her waist, pussylips glistening with the juices of their earlier tryst in bed. Rex stood in front of her, his legs squarely planted, his hands gripping the oak twin banisters of the staircase of the front hall.

His cock and balls protruded, pink, out of the opened zipper of his black dress pants. She eyed the shiny, bulging cockhead that stared her in the face. She’d have to be careful not to spill a drop of his white sperm on his pants. But, she was unlikely to miss any sperm. She rarely did, except when she coaxed his cock to squirt hot come on her cheeks and chin!

She licked her lips with anticipation, salivating at the thought of what was about to happen. It didn’t matter that he had coated her tonsils with his thick, creamy sperm just an hour earlier. They both loved this ritual of love and lust and always set aside the last few minutes before he had to drive away.

She dikimevi escort loved the scent of him, burying her nose deep into his balls. She inhaled deeply, breathing in his musky aroma, now slightly perfumed with the soap he used during his earlier shower. She preferred the raw scent of him.

Tabitha opened her mouth and Rex fed his ever-stiffening cock between her lips. She hungrily swallowed his prick, her blue eyes grinning up at him. He emitted a loud groan and his cock began to twitch with a life of its own. She swiftly took his cock beyond the back of her throat and held him there, savouring the feel of him. Her nose was pressed hard against his stomach and she grabbed his ass to push his cock even deeper into the tight confines of her throat. She swallowed, her throat constricting his cock like a snake with its weekly meal. They had often laughed that it was a good thing that his cock was firmly attached to his body, otherwise she would have swallowed him whole, long ago.

The house was quiet, except for the sounds of the dog playing at Tabitha’s feet. He was very interested in what was going dikmen escort on and had to be shooed away more than once.

Rex grabbed the back of her head and urged her mouth to swallow his cock again. She obliged, taking him deep into her throat while swallowing again around his cock. He yelped in amazement, loving the feeling of his cock being squeezed while being kept so deep in her throat. She slid her mouth up and down his cock, keeping her lips tightly wrapped around him, throat open, so he was being deepthroated over and over again. She could feel his cumm beginning to rise, his sperm boiling in his loins.

She cupped his balls with one hand as the other grabbed his ass cheek and held him close against her mouth. She looked up at and saw the look of exquisite pain stamped on his face. His eyes squeezed shut and his mouth opening and closing like a fish out of water. He was groaning almost continuously, rocking back and forth on the balls of his feet. She knew he was close – very close. Since he did have to get out the door and catch a flight, she thought she’d put him out of sweet misery sooner, rather ankara escort than later.

She slipped her hand from underneath his sac and joined the other hand grabbing his ass. Now with both hands pulling his cock deeper into her mouth, she dove for gold, taking him deep in one fell gulp. She began to swallow around his cock, hearing him scream out above her. She felt the cum boiling up into his loins, gush up his throbbing cock and explode deep into her throat. She kept him there, holding tight, while swallowing again and again. Finally, out of breath, she released his quickly softening cock, panting and gasping for air. He looked down at her, his face flushed and sweaty, as she gently lifted his cock and inspected it. Her tongue searched out the last drops of errant semen, making sure to keep his pants clean.

“Jesus,” he panted, awkwardly stuffing his glistening staff and balls back into his pants. “Where you found that load, I’ll never know! You are fucking amazing!”

He bent over, inspecting his trousers for DNA, but found none.

She grinned, daintily dabbing the corners of her lips with a fingertip. “It is going to be a few days ’til we see each other again you know. I had to make sure the tank was good and empty! At least, for today!”

He grinned, “I save it all for you, sweetheart. Only you!”

“I’ll be here, waiting,” she purred, licking her lips.

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