You’re Going To Enjoy This One


You’re Going To Enjoy This OneTonight I am on my way to another clients house. This one I have fucked many times before. It just keeps getting better and better each time we get together.To night he has requested me to dressed like a school girl. Cartoon cotton panties and all. I have on a short green plaided skirt, matching those of the normal Catholic School Girl Dress Code. But its way shorter than school regulations. Then I bend over my little ass pops out from under neight. I have a basic white cotton top on, with deep V at my breast. It shows just the right about of my breast and the white girly bra. Just enough to make a male teacher run wild with erotic fantasys.Above the shoulders I am mix of school girl and a cheap whore. My dark ravenness hair is in high headed pony tails. My dark eyes painted dark, loaded with glitter and kohl linners. Thick heavy macasra.. My lips are a berry red gloss..Once I am inside his domain, I can tell he’s prepared for the night. There’s a porn playing of some chick getting nailed by a super massive cock. You can faintly hear her whines and whales of pleasureable pain. On the stand by the couch he has laid out a mix of things he wanting to use collars, cuffs, and lubes. He asked me to bring a dildo and vibe along, they are in my purse.I sit down on the couch next to him. He lights a joint and passes it too me while we watch the porn. We roach the Johnny, he gets up and stands before me. Placing a the collar around my neck, and cuffs on my hands, binding my wrist almost together. He strips down out of his pants and boxers. His semi hard cock lingers before me. His hand grip a hold of my tails, pulling my mouth just in front of the head.”Stick it in your mouth! Its time to teach you how to suck a real mans cock. You’re going to swallow every bit of this cock, oh yeah! It’s going to go so far down your throat. I am going to face fuck that lovely mouth of yours till you almost vomit. You understand?” He says me his voice is heavy with dominating desries. Using just tongue isveçbahis yeni giriş and mouth I slip the head just into my mouth. Using my bound up wrist to milk him while I tease the head with licks and hard sucks. Using my pony tails like hadle bars he pushes my face down over his cock. “Swallow that fucking cock all the way down. Thats a good little student.” He’s pumping his cock back in forth in my throat. After a few waves of gags he pulls his cock out of my mouth slowly. Watching the strings of salvia linger on each other. “MMM yeah thats it, get ready to swallow it again.” Again he repeats the vile face fucking. His cock has swollen to its max, making it harder to swallow it. But, I make sure I take it all in. My make up has now rain down my face, around my mouth is shinny think blanket of saliva.He grabs me by the collar pulling me to my feet his hand rip my shirt open. “Turn the fuck around.” I spin around putting my back side against him. He grabs my breast squeezing them hard in his hand fulls. Whispers into my ear “I am going to punish you with my cock. I am going to jack hammer your holes until their tight and sore. Then I am going to fuck you even harder.” He places a cloth like gag in my mouth. Before pushing my head down on his couch. I keep my ass up in the air to him.I hear him grab my purse. Before pulling my panties down he runs the vibe on full speed against my cunt then slids it up my ass crack. He yanks my panties down just below my ass. He starts poking at my ass hole with the vibe. Adding a drops of lube a little at a time while he works it in my ass. He makes it wet with the lube, just before he fucks me with it. Hard and as fast as his arms will work it in out and out of my ass. “Oh Yeah! My little bitch I am going to fuck that asshole of yours.”He pulls my panties up over my ass, using them to hold the vibe in place. He orders me to lay on the couch with my head barely hanging off. As he puts it “Get into the face fucking postion.” My rear end is slighty isveçbahis giriş up the back of the couch. He helps guild his cock into my mouth, too face fucks me again. His hands are under my back side, my panties are pulled away just far enough for him to fuck my ass with the toy while he power drives my mouth. His mouth from time to time covers my cunt while he nibbles on my clit.He spins me around on the couch, my ass barely hanging off. He hooks my ankles to my wrist. I am hog tied, and gaged. My panties have a big whole in them that he’s freshly ripped. He pulled the vibe out of my ass replacing his cock deep inside. Pounding my ass without any mercy. He knows my body, he’s learned it over time. He knows my cunt craves attention. He rams his cock deep to the nil inside of me. Streching my cunt in every direction thats possible. Just a few deep slams thats all I get and he’s goes back to my ass. He reaches over and grabs the dildo, shoving it deep into my cunt. Holding the base of it so both of them slam into me in uninson. My face winches in pain twisted with pleasure. I am cumming all over the place.He withdraws everything from me. Lays down a blanket and pillows on the floor infornt of the couch. Helping me rest my kness on them while my head rest on the couch. My ass end is arched high in the air, he spanks my cheeks stating he don’t know which whole he wants to slam into first. He pours more lube on the base of my asshole. Pushing the vibe into my asshole slowly slidding it in and out. While he fucks me with the big dildo deep in my cunt. I gasp for breath each time he pushes it deeper inside me. Pulling it out and making my cunt sore and tighter.He unhooks just one of my hands, orders me fuck myself. I pushing it slowly in and out of me. “FASTER” he orders my hand beings to work it faster in and out of me. I feel his mushroom head poking just inside my asshole. He reaches up and gathers both my tails. Holding on like a cowboy that just straddled a ragging bull. I try to relax isveçbahis güvenilirmi I know whats coming. He’s going to ram that big monesterouse cock with one hard shove deep into my ass. And so he does! I winch out in pain, while he’s pounding my ass telling me how much he loves to fuck me like this. That I am the only whore around that can handle his fuckings. Praising me for being able to swallow his cock fully hard, for how he’s able to slam it down my throat. How he’s able to fuck me this damn hard in my ass.He unhooks my hands and ankels, only to rehook them left hand to left ankle. The he does the same with the right. I am like a frog on the floor before him. He slides up to me, gripping a hold of my hips. Linning his cock up with me. I hear him lube his cock slicking it up like he’s masturbating. Points it again to my asshole, which is sore and pounding by this point. I try to crawl away, but he grips highter on my hips. “You’re not going anywhere you fucking whore! I am going to nail this sweet loving asshole of yours one more time before I move on to that supper tight abused little fucking cunt hole of yours.”Slowly he pushes himself into me as he pushes me down on to him. Until he’s fully inside of me, pushing me down against him filling my ass full of his cock. He reaches up and puts a choke on me, pulls me to him. While he pumps so softly inside me, squeezing around my neck. His grip gets a bit tighter as he picks up speed. “I love hearing you whine, while I punish you with my cock. You know your about to be punished don’t you?” I shake my head yes, thats all I can do.He reaches over grabbing the dildo, pushing it inside my tight as sin cunt. He slides us as low the the floor as we can go. Inorder for the dildo to say in my cunt. He bounces us up and down, so that i am being fucked in both holes with one swift move. I feel him bare down on me, he’s about to pick up speed and force. His hand holding on my handle bars as he drills me deep, fast, and fucking all so hard. I am almost crying from the pain, but he keeps going. Adding more lube he keeps going in my ass.”You ready for me to fill that cum dumpster of yours?” he calls out. I muddle “yes.” He pushes his cock into my tight wet cunt. Fucking me, while I burry my face and try not to scream from the ripping of my cunt.

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