You’re My Bitch Now Chapter 6

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You’re My Bitch Now Chapter 6Rick got back to the flat just as Chris was about to disappear into his room.‘Where have you been, Rikkie? I thought you wanted a bit more of what you had last night.’‘I got held up at work, my supervisor wanted a word.’ Rick thought a half truth would be enough.Chris grinned at him, ‘Still wearing them I hope? Show me.’Rick went pink, but he did as Chris asked and undid his jeans pushing them down far enough so that Chris could see he was still wearing them.‘Good, Rikkie. Here, take this fresh pair, We’ll have to get you some of your own, won’t we?’ Chris handed Rick a pair of white lace panties. He stood there with them in his hand, his pulse racing. What did he mean. get me some of my own? Chris leant forward and whispered in Rick’s ear. ‘Tonight, baby, I want you to come to my room wearing just these. Nothing else.’ Chris reached up and touched his fingers to Rick’s hair. ‘Oh, and tie that lovely hair of yours back in a ponytail. Don’t disappoint me.’He blew Rick a kiss and walked into his room. Rick stood there transfixed. He couldn’t wear these and nothing else, could he? He stroked the flimsy lace in his fingers and as if by magic his cock began to swell in his jeans. He scuttled into his room and threw himself onto his bed. What should he do? He rolled onto his back and without thinking brought his hands up to his face. He had completely forgotten he still had the panties clasped in his hand, and he started as he felt the soft lace settle over his face. He breathed in through his nose and he thought he could smell a faint aroma. Had Chris washed these or was what he was smelling the scent that Chris had left behind?Oh my God, what is happening to me, thought Rick. I’m sniffing the panties of my flatmate who has asked me to wear them. He brought them back up to his nose one more time and breathed in. He felt intoxicated by what he was doing. It was scrambling his brain. Surely I can’t go ahead with this crazy idea? Even as this doubt flashed through his mind, his body betrayed him and he felt his cock stiffen once again.Rick remembered what had happened the previous night and his cock grew even harder.He moaned and sat upright on the bed. With shaking fingers he pulled off his jeans and shirt, canlı bahis leaving him in the panties he had been wearing all day. He stood up and his cock, small as it may be, was tenting out the front. Shivering slightly with excitement, Rick pushed the panties down and stepped out of them. He hesitated a fraction before picking up the new pair, they were white lace bikinis with little pink rosebuds around the waist. With trembling fingers he pulled them up his legs and let out a sigh as they nestled around his cock and balls. Rick closed his eyes and fought one last despairing mental battle against what his body was telling him to do. He ran his fingers across the lace and his knees sagged, and he knew he was lost. He remembered what Chris had said about his hair and he quickly pulled it back into a ponytail and fixed it with an elastic band. He sometimes wore it like this, but normally he let it hang loose. Taking a deep breath Rick opened his door and he felt foolish as he checked to see if the coast was clear. Who else did he expect to be there? His fear of embarrassment ran deep. He walked across to Chris’s door and knocked. ‘Come in Rikkie, you don’t need to knock any more.’He gingerly pushed the door open and Chris stood there wearing the short robe Rick had seen him wear this morning. He had the wig on once more and his face was beautifully made up with dark eyeshadow and bright red lipstick. Rick’s tummy did a quick flip as he took in the way his flatmate looked.Chris giggled as he saw Rick’s hands were covering his groin. ‘Bit late for that Rikkie baby.’ He walked up close to Rick and looked at his hair with a frown, ‘Oh, that won’t do. That’s how boys wear their ponytails. Let’s do this properly.’ Chris stood in front of Rick, his robe d****d against Rick’s body. Rick thought he would faint as Chris raised his hands and put them behind Rick’s head. Chris undid the ponytail, gathering the hair again and retying it higher on the back of his head.‘There, that’s much prettier. That’s how a girl should wear a ponytail? Now shake your head and see how nice that feels.’ Rick moved his head from side to side and felt the ponytail move as he did do. It felt odd yet exciting. Chris dropped his hands onto Rick’s shoulders. ‘You can bahis siteleri breathe now Rikkie, I’m not going to bite.’ He paused for a beat, ‘Not yet, anyway.’Rick let out the breath he had been holding, and looked straight into Chris’s eyes. Chris smiled and bent his head forward and kissed Rick on the lips, his tongue flicking out to push through into Rick’s mouth. He broke the kiss and stepped back, loosening the robe and it dropped to the floor. Rick’s eyes widened as he took in the lack lace suspender belt and panties which Chris had been wearing under the robe. Rick felt his pulse begin to race and he felt his cock start to swell as he stared at Chris.Chris spun around. ‘Do you like it Rikkie?’ Rick closed his mouth which had fallen open at some point. ‘It’s beautiful.’ He managed to stutter.‘This is where I need your help Rikkie. I want you to help me put on my stockings. Will you do that for me?’Rick’s mouth was dry and his pulse was racing. He thought he was about to hyperventilate, but he managed to nod his head.‘Ok, Rikkie, that’s so sweet of you. No. I’m going to sit on the edge of my bed and I want you to roll each stocking into a doughnut shape and then roll them up my leg. Kneel on the floor in front of me, it’ll be easier that way.’Rick sank to his knees in front of Chris and looked up at him. Chris smiled back down at him and opened his legs a little to give Rick a flash of his bulge. Rick’s eyes flicked to Chris’s crotch where he saw the arched back of the dragon tattoo disappearing down into the panties. Rick couldn’t stop his tongue poking through his lips at the sight.‘Do you want to touch it? The tattoo I mean,’ whispered Chris. Rick s eyes flicked up and he nodded. ‘Go ahead, Rikkie. See what it feels like.’ Rick held out his hand and he gently touched the tattoo making Chris’s tummy shiver. It almost looked as if the dragon were alive and undulating as Rick stroked the skin.‘It’s beautiful isn’t it?’ Said Chris and Rick nodded before taking his fingers away. ‘OK, I need to get dressed for my show now. Are you going to help me?’ Chris picked up a black stocking and handed it to Rick. ‘Rikkie, first roll it into a doughnut. That’s right, now I going to put my foot into it and then you slide it up my leg. bahis şirketleri Mmmm, that feels s nice, your hands are so soft on my skin.’ Chris extended his leg and placed it on Rick’s shoulder.Rick’s hands were shaking as he rolled the stocking up Chris’s leg. He felt himself becoming aroused by the way the stocking felt in his fingers as it slid over Chris’s smooth skin. When he reached the top of the thigh, Rick thought he was about to faint. ‘Now, take the little clip of the suspender and fix it on the stocking top. There’s one at the front and one at the back.’ Rick found the clip and saw how the little button fitted behind the stocking top and into the clip. His hands were shaking so much he found the first one difficult but the second one much easier. All the time Chris was cooing encouragement to him from above. ‘That’s lovely, Rikkie, we’ll have to get you some of these for yourself. Now, do the other leg.’Rick repeated the process with the other leg and soon enough Chris had both stockings attached to the suspender belt. ‘Now for the shoes, Rikkie. They’re over there. Be a darling and crawl over there and fetch them.’Rick started to get up. ‘No, Rikkie. Crawl on your hands and knees.’ There was an edge to Chris’s voice which made Rick sink down again and crawl over the few feet to where the shoes lay. They were black shoes with what Rick guessed were five inch heels. He picked them up and crawled back on his knees to Chris. ‘Hold the shoe up to my foot and I’ll slip into them.’ Chris slid his stockinged foot into first one shoe and then the other as Rick held them. ‘That was sweet of you, Rikkie. I think you deserve a reward for that.’ Chris stood up and pulled Rick to his feet. With the heels Chris was now taller than Rick. ‘Now, stand there and close your eyes, and don’t open them until I tell you.’ Rick couldn’t tell you what he felt at this moment. Hormones were surging through his body, sending wave after wave of pleasure racing through him. He had never felt like this before. It was exciting and decadent, humiliating and intoxicating. Rick closed his eyes as Chris had instructed; he was by now incapable of doing anything except what he was told by Chris.He wanted, needed to please Chris.Chris smiled to himself, this was almost too easy. He needed to be careful and not to go too fast and scare Rick. He reached down to pick up his tube of lipstick and twisted it open. ‘Pucker your lips, Rikkie, and prepare for something magical.’

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