Yours Lustfully – Post COVID Ch. 03


Hello Readers,

Hope you’re enjoying my series, Yours Lustfully. For those new to my series, make sure to read the prior chapters to understand the lives of all its characters.

In this chapter, Steffi (Stella to Moin and Javed) is finally getting out of her drivers’ (Rory) apartment for a much needed family vacation. Her Aunt Rita, however, has a new sexual relationship picking up heat. What are our favorite ladies up to today? Let’s find out.


(Water splashing)

Steffi poured another mug full of warm water over herself. In the limited facilities of Rory’s (the driver) bathroom, she had done well in giving it a modern look. Although she wasn’t going to paint the chapped, grey walls, she had done everything in her capacity to at least tidy up the place.

The bathroom comprised of a sink, a pot, a bucket, and a mug, all of which seemed to have been purchased at the lowest price, and that too, a decade back. The mirror just about the sink would barely reflect the image of yourself, thanks to all the mildew that had settled on it due to the windowless confinement.

It had taken her good few hours, while waiting for Moin to return, to scratch off every layer of grime from the surface. Of course, once Moin had returned that evening, finding his piss stains on the freshly cleaned toilet seat had irked her no end. His minor punishment for that misdeed was to have anal, his favorite dish, off the menu for the rest of the evening.

The hard soap felt rough against the folds of her inners, as she vigorously cleansed the dried semen from all parts of her body. After all these weeks and months with men well beneath her station, her hands knew where they’d find the most deposits.

As the soap reached behind her, between the ass-crack, she felt a stinging pain as it scraped the outside of her rim. The double assault had lasted most of the night, as the two grown men had found a new way to play with their sex toy and were relentless in their abuse of her rear opening.

It mattered less how often they irrigated over the night, and more how this tiny hole was kept stretched open till Javed eventually slipped out of it in the morning, during his sleep.

She dropped the soap onto what was a make-shift soapbox and massaged the foam as a lotion to soothe the rashes. The tip of her well-greased index finger pushed into her aperture, but she showed her more benevolent side to her own body by not pushing it any deeper.

However, Steffi did engage in a naughty tradition that other than her cousin, Maya, no one else knew of. With the lather settled on the inside of her cheeks, she jiggled them playfully, to feel the smoothness between them.

It was an oddly fun feeling for her to have her own skin slide against the other side of the rift. Although she had taken her enjoyment to an unimaginable level over the past few months, this time with self was priceless.

Maya had once joked that it was because of her fascination with a well foamed ass that it had grown to have its own swell in her jeans.

She bent over to collect the last few mugful’s’ of water and rinsed the soap-off her body. A freshly cleaned towel was hanging on the loose hook on the wall, which she had brought with her the last time she had gone home. The soft fabric felt good against her warm body, as she squeezed every drop of water out of her skin.

Once dry, she put on a fresh pair of undergarments, an act that had become rare in recent times. The satin felt smooth against her shaved groin, slipping into place perfectly.

The challenging part was to now make her way into the room and get dressed before the men woke up. She had considered bring her work clothes into the bathroom, but there was no dry corner or shelf to place them.

Steffi wrapped the wet towel around her chest, and tip toed towards the door, unlocking it as quietly as she could. It creaked, and she cursed it silently.

The room was still dark and filled with the thundering snores of the spent men. Moin was sleeping on his belly, his preferred position, and Javed was lying on his side, facing the room window, with his back to the bathroom door. Thankfully, both men were still asleep, and looking the other way from her.

The curtain fluttered against the morning breeze, as the sunlight filtered through the window, illuminating the room intermittently. Steffi didn’t need the light as she was well familiar with the layout of the room that had been her office, her bedroom, and their love nest for as long as she could remember.

The walk to “her” closet was stealthy and quick, although the jingling anklet was difficult to silence. She opened the cabinet just enough to get her hands through, aware of the point at which the hinges creaked.

There was no need to match the top with the pants, as Moin had recently done that for her when he wanted to have the “naughty secretary” evening. The fact that he had never worked at a traditional office, he wanted to imagine what a boss-subordinate equation would look kaçak iddaa like.

The outcome was frightfully close to what she used to have with Vince (her boss), although Moin turned out to be a lot more destructive towards her two office pants, one skirt and three pairs of lingerie, which were all eventually stained and ripped beyond repair.

Steffi dropped her towel to her ankles and reached out for a shirt at the top of the pile. Out of nowhere, a strong hand covered her mouth, and just before she could yell, she heard Moin speak in her ear, “It’s just me. Don’t make any noise or you’ll wake up Javed. Walk with me to the living room.”

Although startled, she knew what Moin meant, and complied with his instructions. Leaving all as is, she quietly walked out of the room and Moin shut the door behind them.

“You look good this morning,” he said, pulling her into his embrace.

“Moin, we agreed to something last night,” she said without rebuffing his advances. She had learnt that she couldn’t match their strength, and the only control she had over them was psychological. His hard-on was poking through his pajamas, and she could feel it against her bare midriff.

“I know, and I don’t mean to break my promise,” he replied, collecting her ass cheeks in his palms. “This material feels good,” he said, skimming over her underpants.

“Well then, let me go. I must head to the university. I haven’t been there in days, and I have a few important lectures today,” Steffi replied, shuffling in his bear hug.

“When do we get to see you next? You know that Rory is arriving this weekend, right? You’ll likely want to spend some time with him too” he asked. His hands were inside the elastic now, and freely fondling her cheeks.

Something had to be done quickly. The musk from his bare chest was filling up her nostrils, and even she was trying to control her urge to kiss him.

“Well, yes,” she spoke, “but that doesn’t mean we can’t, you know, spend time together.”

Moin parted his arms slightly and pushed her panty halfway down her ass. Keep talking, Steffi thought to herself. She just had to lose him.

“Tell me something, Stella,” Moin said, swaying with her, “do you still love him? Do you want to marry Rory?” He was enjoying each whiff of her wet hair.

“Well, honestly, we haven’t thought as far as marriage. I don’t think my parents will approve.” In her head, she knew her parents wouldn’t approve much of what their little girl had been up to lately!

“I can see that. You should always marry someone your own class.” It was ironically that a man double her age was doling out parental advice, with his hands still circling her naked hips.

“I’ll think about it. But for now, I need to leave,” she pleaded, hoping that it would lead to her, well, actually leaving.

“What time is your class?” he asked.

“930,” she said, “and I need at least an hour before it” she quickly added, as she knew he was looking for an excuse to keep her longer.

“Well, that gives us 15 minutes, with 5 minutes for you to wash” he said, more firmly than she would have hoped.

“Moin, please, I am still sore from last night. And I know where you’d want to..,” she pleaded again. Moin took a deep breath and Steffi hoped that this would be all.

She was wrong. In the blink of an eye, her panty was on the floor. He picked her up by her waist and looked right in her frightened eyes.

“Stella, you’re asking me to wait for a week,” he said, pulling down his pajamas with his other hand. “At least let me feel you one last time.” He wasn’t harsh, but she knew she had to do this. And a part of her actually wanted to.

Holding her in his arms, he slowly lowered her onto his waiting prick. As she slid down his girth, a moan escaped her mouth, which was quickly sealed by his lips. Both knew that Javed was sleeping, and they wanted to keep it that way. Moin carried her to the nearest wall, and gently pinned her back against it.

With the support behind her, he picked up his thrusts, chewing on her lips. “I’m usually a man of my word,” he said, humping her with growing intensity. “But lately, a lot of my principles have changed.” He bent down to nuzzle into her cleavage.

Steffi held onto his shoulders, and bit into his neck, which spurred him even more. The strokes were deeper, and with his incredible strength, he was lifting her such that she was matching his tempo, despite hanging mid-air.

The next couple of minutes ended with a shattering orgasm for both. There was nothing better than an early morning session, especially one which was at the end of a fruitfully long period.

With a flushed face, she was finally able to touch the ground with her feet. For the first time since they had met, she had to pull him out of her, which was contrary to her sentiments of keeping him inside her till he himself rolled over.

Moin quickly walked over to the kitchen counter and brought her a bunch of tissues. “I’m going to go in and grab your clothes,” he said, pulling up his pajamas. “I don’t kaçak bahis want to wake up Javed. Unless you want to?” he asked with a smile. His eyes were roaming still all over the voluptuous body of his semi-nude paramour.

Steffi cleaned her inners and dropped the used tissues onto the ground. “I’ll miss you. Call me if you need anything,” she heard him whisper, as he quietly opened the door to the bedroom and disappeared inside its dark confines.


(back at Aunt Rita’s home)

“So, this is the famous kitchen,” Robin said, as he took his place at the table.

“Famous?” Rita asked, retrieving a jug full of orange juice from the fridge.

“Dave talks about it all the time. Which chair did you guys end up breaking?”

“The one to your right. I had its leg fixed last week,” Rita replied, handing him a glassful.

“Was this all you guys talked about?” Rita poured herself a glass and sat across from him. Her long hair was still wet and shriveled, flowing over her loose-fitting shirt.

Robin smiled as he took his first sip. It felt good and energizing. Before walking through her doors this morning, he had promised himself that he couldn’t do it all in one go. Months of pent-up excitement, and years of dormant lust, couldn’t all be satisfied in one session.

Mrs. S was what had defined their youthful evening conversations. Like most young boys lusting after mature women, Dave and Robin had never been disloyal to their object of fantasy. And for their fantasy to come true, and be at their complete disposal, was more than either had ever bargained for.

“Actually, I was concerned I might cream my pants by just touching you. It had happened many times in the past. Obviously, you don’t know of it.”

“What nonsense! You guys are such bluffs!” Rita replied in disbelief.

“Rita,” Robin replied with defiance, “do you recall the time when you had bridge night at your home a few years back, and I was asked to serve all you ladies, as what you called, a good boy?”

“Of course, I do!” Rita replied, jogging her memory back to a few years back. “We pulled your cheeks all night. You had turned 19 a week prior to that, I think.” Her maternal smile soon turned into a blush.

“Well, when all of you were playing out in the living room, I was actually riling through your closet.”

“What?” Rita choked on her juice. “No, you didn’t!”

“Trust me. I stuffed two of your bras in my underpants that night. Had the fabric not worn out, I would have shown them to you today, as memorabilia.”

Rita swirled the juice in her mouth. She knew exactly which two he was mentioning. They were rather expensive, and bought online after a lonely night of wine and a romantic movie on the television. “How did they wear out?” It was an innocent question.

“My love,” Robin smiled infectiously, “there are only those many times you can jerk off into their deep cups and hand wash them. Couldn’t quite put them in the hamper, could I?”

Rita put her glass down on the table and smiled back. “You boys are sick and need to get tested. How about Dave? What has he nicked from my home without my knowledge?”

“Honestly, nothing. You nick things when you know you can’t have them legally. But now, there is nothing to fear.” Rita tensed up at his statement and the air of confidence.

“Although, he kept your other bra. To think now, his collection lasted much longer. Maybe he didn’t want you as much as me!” Robin laughed out loud, and even Rita covered her smile with her hands.

“Any way, speaking of other things,” Robin continued, “how are Steffi and Maya? Been a few years since I last saw Steffi.”

“They’re both fine. Maya is away at her parents for this week and next.” Rita saw his eyes light up. “And Steffi,” she continued swiftly, “it feels like even I haven’t seen her in a while. Their jobs are quite demanding.”

“Does it bother you that Dave and Maya had a thing?” Robin asked unapologetically.

“I try not to think of it,” Rita replied, getting up with her empty container.

“If it’s any consolation, he says you are much better!” Robin affirmed, as she walked over to him.

“Well,” she said, picking up his empty glass, “not sure I’m glad he feels that way.”

Robin held her hand just as she was about to walk away. “Rita, you are out first love. Always has been that way and always will be.”

Rita smiled at Robin and walked over to the sink. “By the way, Rasha is coming over this weekend. You remember her?” she asked, rinsing the utensils.

“Rasha? Oh, yes. How is she?” he asked, getting up. “We used to all think that she has been adopted by your family.”

“That’s not funny, Robin. She’s lovely in her own way,” Rita replied, genuinely taking offense.

“Oh, come on, Mrs. S” he said, walking up behind her. “Of course, she is. But with you around, we never really gave her much thought.”

Robin circled her waist with his arms and gave her peck on the neck. “I didn’t mean to offend you.”

“Young man, I need to do these illegal bahis utensils,” she said, warming up again.

“I’m not stopping you,” he replied, nibbling on her ear. Rita slowed down the wash, not sure of what she was supposed to do next.

Robin slid off his boxers and his penis sprang up behind her. “Please Robin, we’ve just showered,” she said, trying not to look back. The defiant boy lowered her home shorts, knowing well that she had nothing on underneath.

“Rita, give me some of the washing liquid,” he whispered in her ear, placing his hand in front of her. It was an odd request, but she managed to squirt some onto his palm.

Robin rolled his index finger in the sticky liquid and pushed it inside her asshole. Her sphincter felt tighter than usual, as she tried to clasp it shut. He wiggled his digit inside her and pulled it out with a pop.

He knew his message had reached her when she turned off the tap and bent forward to hold onto the faucet. She tightened her grip on the metal as he entered her once again. The metal was cold but his hands felt warm against her belly, as he traced his way up to her sensitive breasts.

“I’m becoming an addict,” she winced, as he pinched her nipples. “I was a good person.”

“You are still a good person, Rita,” Robin said, as he felt up her soft cheeks with his thighs, “but you need this.” Saying so, he slammed his shaft all the way into her. A tear rolled down her face.

“I should have been stronger with Dave. I gave in too easily,” said Rita, shutting her eyes to control the swell.

“I’m glad he persuaded you, Mrs. S. To go away from this world without experiencing this would have been a crime,” he said, setting up a comfortable tempo. The soap worked well as a lubricant, as his manhood slithered in and out of her.

“Oh Robin, this needs to stop soon. I can’t carry on this double life. Some days I wish you guys were here, and you’re not. And on days like today,” and before she could finish, she felt his grip tighten on her breasts, making her moan.

“You can’t stop it now, Rita. Your body is burning with desire, and you want this too much,” he said, building up his thrusts. “Each part of yours needs to be touched and caressed and, well, look how your mind and body responds.”

Robin let go of her breasts and straightened his back, and was pleasantly surprised when she pushed back against his groin. “See what I mean,” he said with a smile as she succeeded in her endeavor.

“You can’t test me like this when your thing is inside me.”

“Thing?” Robin asked nonchalantly, bringing his hands onto her famous mounds.

“Your dick in my ass! Happy now?” she yelled.

“Calm down, Rita. You’re overthinking again. Here, suck on this,” he said, pushing his index and middle finger inside her mouth. It silenced her moans, as she rolled her tongue around his digits.

“You mean more than you think to Dave and me,” he said, keeping his rhythm slow and gentle. Her breath felt warm on the back of his hand, as she exhaled inconsistently. “Try not to look for definitions. You won’t find them in the books of convention.”

Confident that she was under his control again, Robin removed his wet fingers from her mouth and placed both his hands on her hips. He was loving the sight of his penis disappearing inside her periodically, emerging with more shine with every stroke.

His thighs were now slapping against her cheeks, as he dug his nails into her flesh. All of a sudden, he slowed down and came to a halt, still buried deep inside her.

“Mrs. S, there is something I have always dreamt of. Let’s try this now,” Robin said, catching his breath.

“I wish you had different dreams. What more can you possibly want right now?”

She felt his hand on the back of her right knee. “Mrs. S, place this leg on the kitchen slab.”

“I can’t Robin. It’s too high! You can’t have everything you watch on your computer. And I’m not an acrobat.”

“Just try it,” he pleaded.

This was mighty uncomfortable, and had it not been for the lubrication inside her, this request was plain bonkers. Amidst all of this nonsense, Rita was actually concerned that she might get a cramp. But she didn’t, and her own flexibility surprised her.

“See, you do underestimate yourself!” Robin said with joy.

Rita moaned louder than she had since the start of this day. “Robin,” she stuttered to speak, “even Dave hasn’t been this deep inside me. Keep watching whatever you guys have on the internet.”

Robin laughed out loud and wiped the sweat off his chin. What he knew, and she didn’t, is that he had always had fantasies about fucking Mrs. S on her own kitchen counter.

Her leg ran all the way across from the sink to the washed utensils. Despite her best efforts, her foot still touched the empty glasses she had recently washed.

Her little hole was being stretched beyond her reckoning. This was his moment. Robin picked up his tempo and drove inside her with the blessings and energy of his fantasies.

He knew he was causing her immense pain, but she was nothing more than a rag doll to him right now. His thighs were slapping against her rear once more, as he held onto her upper thigh with one hand and her left breast with the other.

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