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Okay guys this is my first attempt on story writing for so let me know what you think.



The music was so loud. I could hear the bass through my whole body. Dancing with my friends was fun and uplifting. We couldn’t stop laughing at our bad dance moves; I guess that was the drinks we had before hand.

Shaking my hips to the music when someone put their hands on my waste to still me. I tried to turn around to see who it was but the hands wouldn’t let me move. I was about to try and get my friends attention when the voice behind me spoke, gently whispering to me,

“I know you’ve been waiting for me. I bet your pussy is already wet for me right now.”

My breath stopped for a second. It was him. I started to dance again wiggling my hips and pushing my bum against his crotch. I could feel his hard cock against my ass as I wiggled it to the beat of the song. He pulled me tightly against him, sliding his hands to my hips so he could control the movement of my body against his better.

As the song ended and another began he moved my hair to the left side so he could slowly kiss my neck, starting at the collarbone working his way up to my ear. He gently sucked the lobe into his mouth and bit it gently.

“Lets go slut, I want to see those gorgeous tits of yours.”

His words made me hotter than before. I waved goodbye to my friends and let him take me outside, pulling me by my hand.

As soon as we were out the door he shoved me against the wall and finally kissed my lips. He was being rough. He pinned my arms against the wall and ground his hard cock against me, letting me know how hard I made him. He bit my lip and I moaned against him trying to gop escort get his lips on mine once more.

“You little tease,” he growled, “You dancing in that club like a whore, in front of all those men. Shaking your hips in that dress, your beautiful cleavage of yours out for the entire world to see. Don’t you know that you’re mine! You’re my slut and only my slut.”

I wanted to touch him but I could barely move. He wouldn’t let me move my hands. My panties were soaked. All I could think about was him fucking me there and then but I knew he wouldn’t. He would let me have my release that easy.

“Lets go, you need to remember that you belong to me.”

I was so happy that he lived close by. He pulled me by my hand toward his house. I had to practically jog in my heels to keep up with his large stride. Looking up at him I felt so petite even in my heels.

When we finally got to his house I could feel my juices running down my leg. My pussy was begging to be touched. We got through his front door and he dropped his trousers. He whispered “Come on baby, show me how much you want your man to fuck you right now.”

I could see that this night was having the same effect on him as it was on me. The front of his boxers were wet with precum. I got to my knees in the door way and slowly peeled them down his long lean legs, his hard organ bobbing in my face. I licked the tip of his precum, his moans becoming music to my ears. I used my left hand to gently cup and massage his balls while the right moved slowly up and down his spit-ridden cock. My mouth engulfed the top as I slowly sucked him, further and further into the back of my throat, my hand massaging my saliva into ankara iranlı escort his hard member. I started to gag but his hands started to push my head further and further onto his huge manhood, chocking me. Gagging on his penis I try to relax my throat to take him further. I feel him tense and I pull so I feel his cum hit my tongue, filling my mouth. I swallow his seed, savouring the taste, when he grabs me and kisses me roughly.

“Very good girl”, he quietly mutters, as he starts removing his clothes and my dress, while pushing me toward his bedroom.

When we’re in his bedroom he stares at me in my black lacy underwear and stiletto heels like I’m a present waiting to be unwrapped. He licks his lips and I bite my lip in anticipation.

He walks towards me and pulls the front of my bra down exposing one of nipples. He mumbles to himself but I hear it. He said “beautiful” and him looking at me with so much desire in his eyes I feel beautiful.

He leans forward and licks the tip and I gasp. He sucks it into his mouth the bites and gently. I moan softly. His fingers start dancing over my breasts when he switches to the other nipple, giving me the same wonderful.

He pulls the bra over my head, while gently nudging me towards the bed. I sit on the bed and he gets down onto his knees in front of me. He removes both my shoes and pulls my panties down my legs.

“These are dripping. Naughty girl. So wet. Is this for me?”

His hands had moved slowly up legs when he said this, his fingers just grazing my slit, then pushing inside of me.

“Oh yes.”

“I knew you loved it, my dirty girl.”

Slowly pumping his two of his fat fingers into me ankara escort I’m in heaven. This is what I’d been waiting for all night.

“You like that don’t you naughty girl?”

He moved his face between my legs and licked my clit once.

“Yes,” I moaned.

“You’re a naughty slut. Aren’t you baby?” then licking me again.


“Whose slut are you baby?” licking me once more.

“I’m yours! Yours! Please let me cum, honey please!”

He stopped everything and stood.

“NO. Teases don’t get to choose when they come. And you were teasing me tonight.”

His hand went back down his thumb gently rubbing around my clit keeping me on the brink but not letting me cum.

He picked me up and threw me onto the centre of the bed then put his body over mine then thrusting his huge cock into me, stretching me around him.

As soon as he enters me I cum. I can’t breathe as the pleasure rushes over me him drawing it out as he keeps thrusting into me.

When I stop panting I wrap my legs around him while he batters my sweet pussy.

He kisses me then whispers,

“I want you to ride me. I want to see your tits bouncing in front of me.”

I unhook my legs and he rolls us onto his back with his cock still inside of me. I start to slowly move up and down, clenching my pussy muscles around his cock as I go. He fills me so well, I cant help but moan every time i sink down on his cock. As I drop down he thrusts up into me, hitting deeper than anyone ever has.

After a few minutes I can feel another orgasm building and I can’t stop. I go up and down, up and down, with his hands on my hips guiding me.

His hand moves towards my clit and starts to stroke me I scream as another orgasm hits me and I hear him grunting as he fills me with his cum.

I lie down on top of him, his cock softening but I have no intention of moving. He lightly strokes my back and we both fall asleep in each others arms.

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