Youthful fun in backyard fort!


Youthful fun in backyard fort!The summer of 1976 was one I will always remember. The four of us friends were all 12 years old, we had the entire summer to have fun and we had a nicely built fort in a backyard to hang out in. We did the normal summer stuff like riding bikes, playing basketball, hanging out at the park and swimming, but once we got inside the fort we kept returning. The fort was in reality a nicely built shed that Lisa’s father had built to keep some pool equipment, patio furniture (during the winter) and other yard work tools. The shed/fort had a cement floor, 8 foot ceiling, two windows (complete with frosted glass), lights and electrical outlets. It was big enough to move the yard equipment to the back and provide us with an area about 10 feet by 12 feet to hang out. I guess I should tell you about the four of us. As I stated we were all 12 years old and our group was comprised of two girls, Lisa and Geri, and two boys, Sam and I’m Vince. Lisa was thin, blonde hair with green eyes. She had a really nice butt with small tight tits capped with small light brown nipples. Geri was Hispanic with dark brown hair and eyes, maybe large A cup or small B cup tits with a decent wide hipped butt. Both girls were on the short side at just barely 5 feet tall. Sam was the surfer type with curly sandy blonde hair, blue eyes and a thin muscular build standing around 5 feet 7 inches tall. I was the tallest of the group at 5 feet 10 inches, brown hair, hazel eyes with a thin athletic build. I was the only one who didn’t get a great tan in one day, I had to work at it so I had the whitest of all the asses in the group. Lisa, Geri, Sam and I had been friends all our lives and we did everything together. We had our first taste of alcohol together at Sam’s parents’ anniversary party one year. We played spin the bottle together and had seen and felt each other’s naked bodies during some exciting rounds of truth or dare. We watched our first porno together and regularly shared any dirty magazines we could find that our families hid around their bedrooms. As if we couldn’t find them. As the years went by we got bolder with our dares which resulted in many private, as well as public nudity incidents. We all had a great time together discovering all about ourselves and the opposite sex.As I said, the four of us did the usual k** stuff at the usual places until Lisa broke down and let us go swimming at her house. I should tell you that Lisa was an only c***d and her mother had died when she was very little, leaving her father to raise her on his own. Lisa’s father was also a Police Officer in a nearby City which made us all nervous at first. You see Lisa’s father had told her she was not allowed to have anyone at their house while he was gone at work. Seeing how Lisa’s dad was a Police Officer we were all a bit scared of him. But, Lisa was the only one with a pool so we eventually got past our fears and headed to the water. The first week went by and we were all becoming comfortable swimming and hanging out on the covered patio, making sure we straightened everything out so Lisa’s dad wouldn’t know we were there. By the second week the truth or dare game had started once again. Geri was the one who always pushed the envelope. Geri’s first dare was for everyone to skinny dip and stay naked the rest of the day. Since we had already seen each other nude several times, this was a dare we all liked so we agreed and we quickly shed our bathing suits. It was so great to be skinny-dipping, the feeling of the water moving over my now hard cock, balls and ass was very exciting. No matter how many times we had seen each other’s nude bodies, we all loved looking and we all got excited by the fact that we were 12 years old, we were in a pool, outside, in a backyard and we were all nude. Since Geri had dared the three of us, we got to have her do a dare for us. The three of us talked it over and came up with a plan. Geri’s dare was to walk from Lisa’s backyard, cross the street, touch the side of the house across the street and walk back into Lisa’s backyard. Since Geri dared us all to stay naked the rest of the day, Geri had to walk and we emphasized, “WALK”, nude the entire dare. After a lot of girly squeals and a few, “no ways”, all for show, she gave in and slowly strutted her fine nude ass across celtabet giriş the street and back. While she was strutting, Lisa whistled at her and started yelling, “ooo baby, hot mama”, attempting to draw attention to Geri. We were all amazed that she just kept right on slowly strutting her nude body in such a public place. We all ran back and jumped in the pool laughing with excitement. It was Geri that suggested we go in the fort. I guess Lisa and Geri had played around and hung out in there before so they knew with just a little effort it would be a cool spot for us. We all grabbed some of the patio furniture and headed to the fort. Once we were inside and relaxing on the cushioned lounges Geri smiled and said, “Damn, if we had some rings we could play ring toss on you two”, all the while looking from my dick to Sam’s. Both Sam and I had raging hard-ons, but we were 12 and our dicks had been like this all day. We all had a good laugh then resumed our game of dare. Lisa said, “Geri screwed the game up by daring everyone so I’ll start it over again and the closest one to guess the number I’m thinking of will have to do the dare.” “Now, everyone pick a number between 1 and 10. “ I lost so it was my turn for a dare. “Wipe the cum off the end of your dick with your finger and lick it off”, she said. I thought this was a big jump for our group, but I did it. I hadn’t noticed I was leaking pre-cum all down my dick. I ran my finger from the base of my cock all the way to the head scooping up as much pre-cum as I could and sucked my finger clean. There was a string of cum clinging from the head of my cock all the way to my chin and I heard all of them grown or suck in their breath as I did it. I smiled at them as I felt the string of cum stick against my chest and neck. It was my turn to dare someone and I chose Geri. “Geri, I dare you to stick a finger in your pussy and lick it clean,” I said. We were all smiling and staring as Geri spread her legs and slowly pushed her finger in and moved it around before pulling it out. Her finger was shining with her juice as she brought it to her lips and sucked on it hard, closing her eyes and giving a fake moan as she moved her tongue around in her mouth. Geri opened her eyes and slowly pulled her finger out of her mouth through her tightly puckered lips. I thought, oh shit it’s Geri’s turn to dare someone…here we go! Geri said, “Lisa, I dare you to come over here and suck my nipples and put a finger in my pussy.” Lisa said, “you can only have one dare, not two.” Geri smiled a wicked smile and responded with, “you’re right one dare at a time…come over here and lick my pussy then!” I thought I was going to fucking die! Sam and I looked at each other, then back at the girls. Lisa was blushing like crazy and she worked her way over to Geri. I couldn’t believe it! Lisa was going to lick Geri’s pussy! Lisa grabbed one of the cushions and put it on the floor in front of Geri’s lounge chair and knelt on it. Geri laid back with a big smile on her face, but kept her legs together. It was wild to see how Geri all of a sudden seemed timid and Lisa became the wild one. I was stroking my cock and I watched Lisa grab Geri’s knees and begin to pull them apart. Lisa had a slight smile on her face as she stared at Geri’s pussy. Slowly Lisa spread Geri’s legs and lowered her face to her pussy. Geri, with a big smile on her face, held her head up watching as Lisa began to lick her pussy with long slow licks. Soon, Geri was moaning and the smile was gone, but she continued to stare at her own pussy as her friend licked it over and over. I was now just gripping my cock as Lisa moved away from Geri, licking and wiping her lips. Geri’s smile came back to her face and we all were in a p*****n sexual fever. Lisa looked at me saying, “I dare you to suck Sam’s cock.” Now I don’t know what happened to the “truth” part of the game and it seemed we all either forgot or didn’t want to take the truth question instead of the dare, I was no different. Sam just sat there looking at me with his mouth open in a broad smile. I looked down at his cock to see all the pre-cum dripping down over the head and I watched as his cock bobbed up and down throbbing to his heartbeat. I grabbed the cushion Lisa had used and placed on the floor in front of Sam. As I knelt celtabet yeni giriş down I grabbed a hold of Sam’s cock. His cock was about 5 inches long and seemed very thick. I looked back at the girls one last time, then leaned down and took Sam’s cock into my mouth. I remember tasting the saltiness of his pre-cum and feeling the slickness of it was his cock softly rubbed across my lips, tongue and the roof of my mouth. I could hear everyone let out their breath as if they had been holding it to see if would really do it. I pulled back and just as I was about to start moving back down, Sam’s hips quickly jumped up forcing his cock completely into my mouth. I remember gagging a bit as my nose was smashed against Sam’s stomach. What I remember most was not the fact that Sam’s entire cock was in my mouth, but instead how wide open my mouth was forced to accommodate the width of his cock. Geri yelled, “Oh my God, he’s doing him deep throat style!” Sam, lowered his hips saying, “Oh man sorry, I just flinched on accident!” The way he said it I think he meant it. I was totally into it now, so I pulled my mouth off his cock only long enough to say it was cool and went right back to sucking him. I was trying to get his whole cock in my mouth again, but I couldn’t do it. After a short time of trying I pulled of Sam’s cock again and told him to flinch up again. As I sucked Sam’s cock back into my mouth I could see Geri and Lisa moving up beside us so they could see better. Sam started thrusting his cock up into my mouth and soon he was fucking his entire cock in and out of my mouth. It was so exciting to me. Here I was on my knees in a fort with two nude girls watching me suck my best friends cock. Suddenly I felt hot thick liquid hitting the roof and back of my mouth. I choked a bit and pulled his cock from my mouth. I quickly swallowed the cum in my mouth as my face was hit with two more blasts of cum. Sam was moaning and shaking as I sucked on his cum shooting cock once again. I kept sucking Sam’s cock until he stopped cumming and I licked his cock clean, sitting up on my knees. I remember thinking to myself, “that was fucking great!”Everyone was staring at me and Lisa was the first to smile and said, “that was so awesome, how did it taste?” I told her it wasn’t bad. I looked at Lisa, smiled and said, “I dare you to do the same to me.” Lisa smiled and told Sam to move and told me to sit in Sam’s chair. I happily obliged!Soon enough I was getting my first blow job. Lisa was trying to suck my entire cock into her mouth, but she kept gagging on my 6 inch cock. She eventually slowed down and got into a great rhythm bobbing up and down on my throbbing hard cock. I did not last long at all. I was able to say the words oh fuck, before cumming in Lisa’s mouth. I remember it was so intense and as I stopped cumming I had to pull Lisa off my cock as the feelings had become overwhelmingly intense. I was breathing hard as I looked at Lisa with my cum dripping out of her mouth and some resting on her small tits. She was licking her lips just as she had after she finished licking Geri’s pussy. What a sexy and exciting sight.Moments later Lisa gave the most daring of all the dares that day. She sat back on her lounge chair slowly looking at each of us, then stopping at Sam she said, “I dare you to fuck Vince!” Everyone looked at me. Told them, don’t look at me it’s Sam’s dare not mine. I don’t know why I didn’t protest, I guess I was excited to the point I didn’t care or I really wanted it to happen. I don’t remember which it was. Anyway, we all looked back at Sam and it’s at this point I notice that Sam has another throbbing erection! I do remember thinking to myself that Sam sure wants to fuck my ass. Sam told us, if I was OK with it he would do it. Again I told him it was his dare, not mine. I guess I really wanted it too. Lisa dashed out of the fort returning quickly with a bottle of hand lotion. Lisa told me to lay down on her lounge chair for her and spread my legs. I excitedly and nervously did as I was told. Lisa squirted some lotion into one of her hands and using the fingers from her other hand she started rubbing the lotion all around my asshole. I loved the feelings I was getting from this and I then noticed my cock was hard as a rock. Lisa pushed one finger celtabet güvenilirmi inside my ass and it really felt great. She moved her finger in and out about three times and I was moaning before she removed it. Everyone giggled at that, as Lisa called Sam over to her. Sam knelt on the cushion on the floor below my ass as Lisa stroked his cock with lotion. Lisa finally announced that Sam and I were ready and she again said, “I dare you to fuck Vince.”I had my feet on the floor and my legs spread wide open as Sam moved between them. Sam tried for a while to get his cock up my ass, but the position just wasn’t working. We had seen enough dirty magazines and a couple of porno’s to know some different positions for fucking, so I lifted my legs up pulling my knees up to my chest. This lifted my butt off the lounge cushion and better presented my asshole for Sam. The next thing I know I’m feeling the wonderful sensation of Sam’s hard cock head rubbing all around my asshole. I was loving this as the head forced its way in past the rings of my ass. It stung and hurt so I put my hand against Sam’s thigh making him stop for a while. I told him to pull his cock out and try again. This time Sam’s cock went in a little easier, it still stung, but not nearly as bad. We kept repeating this and added several squirts of lotion as we went. In just a short few minutes, Sam was fucking back and forth in my ass. Sam had about half of his cock in my ass and we both loved the feeling of our first fuck. Sam started increasing the speed of his thrusts and the girls were both telling him to fuck me faster and how hot it was. Suddenly Sam made a big thrust forward and buried his thick, hard cock all the way up my ass and just kept on fucking me. My ass spread open so far it hurt like hell and snapped my head up in pain and looked at them all. Sam kept fucking my asshole with long, wide thrusts as the pain began to give way to pleasure. Now Sam pulled me towards him so that my feet were up on his shoulders and my legs were resting against his body as he fucked away at my wide spread ass. Geri told Sam she couldn’t see. I heard this and at this point I was loving having my ass fucked so I grabbed my legs and pulled my knees to my chest giving everyone a great view of Sam’s thick cock sliding in and out of my gripping asshole. The only sounds heard were the grunting and moaning of Sam and I, the slapping of our skin and the sloshy sounds of his cock slinging in my asshole. Sam was fucking me so hard my entire body was moving back and forth from his fucking motion.The feelings from being fucked kept getting better and better. Lying back holding my legs and being fucked in my ass in front of the excited watchful eyes of Lisa and Geri, as well as the increasingly stimulating and pleasurable feelings coming from Sam’s cock rubbing all those places in my ass my balls began to tighten. The next thing I knew I was in ecstasy as my cock began to shoot great ropes of cum. The first shot flew over my head, while the three hit me all over my face and neck. The remaining blasts of cum shot across my chest and stomach and my cock and balls continued to convulse as Sam thrust away in my ass. Lisa and Geri squealed with excitement as I came all over myself. I came without ever touching my cock! Shortly after I stopped cumming Sam slammed himself against me holding me tightly to him as he came deep in my ass. It was amazing, I could actually feel Sam’s cock pulsing and my asshole get warmer as his cum filled my ass. Sam’s entire body was twitching with each shot of cum he placed in me. He abruptly fell back, ripping his cock from my ass and laid on the floor as his cock continued with small pulses and his body shook.Everyone agreed that was amazing!Once we had recovered we all jumped into the pool to clean and cool off. We replaced all of the patio furniture and talked about the experiences we just had in our fort. We agreed that the game would continue the next and I was excited to see where it would lead us. That summer we all had fucked and sucked each other in every way we could think of. We, including Sam and I, also fucked each other with carrots, bananas and a small cucumber. The carrots and the cucumber were my favorite when I wasn’t being finger fucked by the girls of fucked with Sam’s hard, thick cock. That fort took on an entirely new meaning for the four of us.As far as I know Lisa’s dad never knew a thing about our adventures in his pool or his shed, our fort.We had some great adventures that summer, maybe I’ll write about our exhibitionist experiments next.Let me know what you think.

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