You’ve Got Male

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She walked out of the airport gate and started to head for baggage claim when she noticed a chauffeur holding a sign with her name on it. She walked over to him, puzzled. She wasn’t expecting anyone to meet her after her trip. Her kids have been on visitation at their dad’s house all week and aren’t due back until next week.

“Are you sure this is for me?” she asked.

“Yes ma’am. The gentleman described you perfectly.”

“What gentleman? How did he describe me?”

“I can’t reveal our clients, but he described you as a sexy, stunning redhead. I would have to say you fit that description perfectly.”

“Thank you. What am I supposed to do? I’ve never had a driver before.”

“First we’ll get your bags. The car is right out front. My instructions were very specific, however, I am not to divulge them to you. I was told to give this to you” he said, handing her an envelope. She took the envelope and opened it. It was from him! A huge smile lit up her face as she silently read the note:

“Hi Sweety,” it started, “I’ve been thinking about you and the wonderful evening we had. I’d like to have a second date with you.”

“Second date?” she thought, “He’s hundreds of miles away. How can we have a second date?” She hadn’t read far enough.

“I know we can’t be together physically, so we’ll have a fantasy date. I’ve taken care of everything. The car will take you everywhere you need to go, and then home. Relax and enjoy it. I know you’ll have a good time. Welcome home.”

She turned to the chauffeur and knew everything would be okay. “Let’s go!” she said..

They headed to baggage claim, then outside where a beautiful stretch limo was waiting. She climbed in the back and noticed a box of roses on the seat next to her. “For You” the card said.

There was also another note. She carefully opened the envelope as the car pulled away from the airport terminal.

“I see you made it into the car. I hope you liked the roses. We’ve got a couple of stops to make on the way home, so sit back, relax and have a drink. I’ve taken the liberty of ordering your favorite wine.”

She looked at the well stocked limo’s bar and sure enough, there was a bottle of wine that she had told him she really liked. She poured herself a glass and sat back to watch the world slip by on her way to an adventure she could only imagine.

As they rode along, her thoughts drifted back to him. He had been the one bright spot in the week. She met him at a nightclub near her hotel. He was tall, boyishly handsome, with piercing blue eyes and a devilish smile that hinted at the bad boy hidden within. He was doing a country line dance when she first saw him, and he was good! His body moved easily and gracefully, unlike most other guys who are too uncoordinated to dance. He wore his jeans well and was in good shape. He had noticed her watching him, and when their eyes met, he flashed a smile of lustful appreciation.

After the song he was dancing to was over; he had come over, ordered a round of drinks, and struck up a conversation. The conversation was laced with sexual overtones and innuendoes. He listened attentively to her as they chatted the night away. She was impressed by the way he talked and expressed himself, and the wide range of subjects they covered. This was a REAL conversation, not a pick-up line. Even now, she can’t recall him ever covering the big four points most men use to impress women: what he did for a living, how much money he made, what kind of car he drove or how well hung he was. In fact, now that she thought about it, after all those hours of conversation, she knew very little about him. A sexy man of mystery…who could dance.

When the band played a slow song, he took her by the hand and led her to the floor. Among the swaying bodies, he had held her close, their bodies pressed together and moving in such perfect synch that they looked like one person. As they danced, he put his hand on the small of her back. She had been wearing a crop top shirt that left her midriff exposed. As he touched her, it felt electric. His cool hand on her warm skin felt good. He moved his hand slowly around her back, as if mapping it out. Then, as they danced, he began to massage her back. As he did, knotted muscles that she hadn’t noticed began to relax. She almost melted into him. Not only was he relaxing her, he was finding erogenous zones she didn’t know she had. His fingers worked magic on her back, and she had gotten aroused by it. As the song ended, she could hardly walk off the floor!

Back at the bar, they stood leaning against it when he had reached out and gingerly poked her belly-button, which was exposed below the edge of her shirt. This was a hot button she didn’t know about either. As he touched her, it tickled, but also sent a charge throughout her body she had never felt before. He knew where, and how to touch a woman. Where’d he learn that? It didn’t matter, because she was getting all the benefits of his education that night. Now she wished she had worn panties to soak abidinpaşa escort up the evidence of her arousal. She had never been so wet! He knew what her was doing, but continued nonchalantly to tease her unmercifully. When a man squeezed in behind him to order a drink, he was forced to move closer to her. Still leaning on the bar with his right arm, his hand moved to within a fraction of an inch of her left breast. Unseen to all, he reached out and stroked her now erect nipple through her shirt with the back of his index finger. But his payback was coming. When he excused himself to go to the bathroom and moved past her, she reached out and goosed his butt. Nice.

They spent the entire evening together, dancing, talking, laughing, and flirting outrageously. He was the first man she had ever met that she felt KNEW her, knew how SHE felt. She told him things she only shared with her girlfriends. She told him about her fantasies, her past relationships, and her family. He took in every word she said without judgement or opinion. He was LISTENING! They could both feel the definite chemistry there. They were definitely attracted to each other, yet there was no hurry…no pressure to do anything more than just be together at that moment. When the time came to leave, she didn’t want to, but she had to get up early to catch her flight home. He had walked her to her car, hugged her tightly and gently kissed her. A perfect kiss…not a peck and not a dental exam. It was the perfect kiss to a perfect evening.

Her recollections ended just as the limo pulled up to the curb and stopped. ‘How long have we been driving?” she wondered. Long enough to drink her wine apparently, as she looked at the empty glass in her hand. The door opened and the chauffeur helped her out. As she stood up, she felt a little buzz from the wine starting. “What are we doing here?” she asked.

“You’re supposed to go in there,” the chauffeur said, pointing to a small shop, “they’re expecting you. I’ll be here when you’re done.”

She felt nervous as she approached the shop door. The windows of the shop were tinted so that she couldn’t see inside. There was no sign, name, or anything that told her what kind of store this was. She opened the door and stepped inside.

A slender, obviously gay, young male clerk looked up from the counter as she entered.

“Oh honey!,” he said, “we’ve been waiting for you. Right this way! We’ve already got your outfits picked out and your gifts wrapped. All you have to do is try them on.”


“Oh yes! And they are marvelous! You’ll look smashing in them.”

He led her toward a curtain that looked like a dressing room.

“OK, in you go! Don’t be shy! Let me see how it looks when you get it on!”

She entered the booth. Inside, hanging on hangers were a black leather halter top, and black chaps. On the bench were black high heeled cowboy boots, a black cowboy hat, and another note. She opened the envelope.

“I’m glad you made it this far. I thought I’d show you some of those country dance moves I was doing. But you have to dress the part. And since you were checking out MY butt, I get to check out yours. Try this on. I’m sure it’ll look great! The clerk also has some other things for you that I’ve picked out for our date.”

She felt a little embarrassed by this, but the wine was loosening up her inhibitions so she started to undress and put on her cowboy outfit.

The halter top was more like a leather string bikini, but it was comfortable and fit her perfectly. The chaps were glove soft and tight. She wriggled into them and cinched them up. Since she didn’t wear underwear, her butt and red bush were left exposed. The back of the chaps ended just below her cheeks, giving her a little buttlift, which she liked. She put the boots and hat on and admired herself in the mirror. Her tits had never been big but she liked not having to wear a bra all the time. He hips were still slim, her stomach flat and taut, and her tan blended with her red hair and green eyes. “Not bad” she thought to herself.

“How’re you doin in there?” came the wispy voice of the clerk.

“Great!,” she said as she boldly opened the curtain and stepped out. “What do you think?”

The clerk, obviously not a sexual threat to her, looked her up and down, adjusted a few things here and there, and smiled broadly with delight “Oh, I love it! Love it! LOVE IT!”

She started to step back into the booth.

“What are you doing?” asked the clerk.

“I was going to change.”

“Oh, no, no, no honey! You’re supposed to wear that!”

“I can’t wear this outside! Everyone will see me!”

“No they won’t. There are two more pieces to the outfit.” The clerk reached into a rack next to the booth and pulled out a leather trenchcoat.. “Here, this will keep you covered up.”

“I thought you said there were TWO pieces?”

“Check the coat pocket.”

She reached into the pocket and felt a bulge. She pulled it out. It was a pair of silk thong panties akay escort with a strange bump at the crotch area. “What’s this?”

“Those are remote controlled vibrating panties.”

“Are you kidding me?”

“No! Look! Try them on!”

She slipped them on and the clerk helped her position the tiny, built-in vibrator in the right place. He picked up a remote control from the counter.

“Are you ready?”

“I don’t know.”

The clerk hit the switch and she jumped as the panties sprung to life, tickling her clit with tiny vibrations. The clerk pushed another button and the buzzing changed from a steady rhythm to a strong, staccato pulse.

“OOH!!” she squealed as the sensation awakened her. She looked at him and smiled.

He turned the panties off and handed her the remote. “It has three speeds and eight different pulse patterns. I think you and your friend will have lots of fun with these!”

The clerk stepped into the dressing room, collected her things, and put them in a bag. He helped her put on the trenchcoat, and then handed her the bag with her clothes and another bag with wrapped packages.

“Don’t open these until you’re told to! It’s been my pleasure to serve you.”

With that, she was pointed to the door and walked out, nearly naked beneath her coat. The chauffeur tipped his hat as she got in, and she tipped her new cowboy hat back at him. The limo pulled away on the way to its next destination. Alone in the back, she reached into her pocket and took out the remote control. She laid back on the seat, opened her coat, and began to flip through the different speeds and pulse options, enjoying how each one felt on her swelling lips and aching clit. She wished he was here to fuck her silly right now.

All she had done was kiss this man, and now she was wanting him more than any man she had ever wanted. She wanted to see him smile with devilish delight watching her writhe and squirm on the limo seat. She wanted to suck him, and wanted him deep inside her.

The combination of being nearly naked in a moving car, the vibrations of the panties, and her own imagination sent her over the edge as a thunderous orgasm crashed over her. Wave after wave of pleasure swept over her, until she nearly passed out from pleasure. The limo slowed and then stopped. She quickly hit the off button on the remote, sat up, closed her coat, and tried to act normal. Just then the door opened and the chauffeur leaned in.

“Everything alright, ma’am?” he asked, as if he couldn’t smell the heady, musky scent of sex that hung in the air.

“Yes, fine.”

“I’m supposed to run in and get another package for you. I’ll be back in a minute.”

“Oh! Okay,” she stammered, “I’ll just stay here.”

“Yes ma’am. I’ll be back in a minute.”

“OK!” she said, reaching for the wine bottle. “I guess while he’s gone, I’ll have me another drink!” she thought to herself. She poured herself another glass and slumped back into the seat to watch people walk by on the sidewalk through the tinted limo windows.

She was getting hot, so she took off the trenchcoat, and sat there with her bare ass on the limo’s cool leather seat. She got even bolder and removed her top. As she sat there in her chaps, boots, and panties, she wondered what people would say if they could look in the windows and see her. She leaned back and pulled the panties aside, exposing her now drenched pussy to the cool air. Anyone who opened the door at that moment would have a great view. She reached up and dipped her finger in the wine and then rubbed it on her clit. The cool liquid felt good. She dipped her finger in the wine again, and then inserted it deep inside her, mixing the wine with all her steaming juices. She pulled her finger out and licked it. The sweet wine and salty cum cocktail wasn’t bad. But before she could indulge herself further, she saw the chauffeur coming out with a package, so she covered herself up and drank her wine. The driver put the package in the trunk and then got into the front seat and pulled away. He called her from the phone in the front seat.

“How are you doing so far?” he asked.


“We have another stop in a few minutes for dinner. You’ll have to get out and go inside for this stop, so you’ll need to be covered. And I was told to tell you to make sure you wear your panties.”

The limo pulled up to a restaurant and the driver opened the door for her. She stepped from the limo and felt a slight chill in the air. It made her nipples hard under her coat and halter top. She felt a little out of place entering such an elegant restaurant dressed as she was. The men standing in line waiting for tables seemed to enjoy the view, but their wives and girlfriends definitely did not. But she felt great after the maitre’d brushed past all of those snobs to greet her and escort her directly to her table.

The table was actually a booth in a corner, away from the main traffic. It had a white linen tablecloth that hung down, and was cozily lit with ankara escort two candles. Fine china and crystal sparkled in the candlelight. As she was seated, the maitre’d handed her another envelope. Another note. “Enjoy, madame” he said as he sauntered off. The wine steward immediately approached with a third glass of her favorite wine, and was just as quickly gone again.

She opened the envelope and began to read the note:

“I hope you are enjoying yourself so far and finding our date ‘satisfying’. (If he only knew HOW satisfying so far! Maybe he did!) By now you will be wearing your new outfit. I’m sure it looks wonderful. It’s too bad I couldn’t have been there with you when you tried it on. I would have loved to see if you are a true redhead. Of course, the sight of you in that sexy outfit probably would have been too much for me, and I would have had to pull you into the dressing room, spread your legs, gotten on my knees, and tasted your sweet nectar. Then I would have bent you over the chair in the room and rode you hard, holding on to your chap straps while I pounded my hard cock into you. Would you have liked that?”

She thought about it for a second. “Definitely!”

“All that activity would have worked up an appetite, so I’ve brought you here to my favorite restaurant. We’ll have dinner and then move on to other things. “

Just then the waiter appeared and began preparing a fresh Caesar salad right at the table. He told her she was supposed to continue reading her note.

“The waiter would come to our table to make the salad. Remember the panties you have on? If I was there, I would have the remote! And as the waiter was making our salad, I would have turned it on to a slow, low humm. But I’m not there so you have to do it. Turn it on. Not loud enough for him to hear, but enough for you to feel pulsing through your hot pussy.”

She reached for the remote in her pocket and turned on the vibrating panties.

“And I would make you sit there, talking, drinking, laughing, all the while pretending nothing is going on. Even when you come, you’re not allowed to let him know you just came, again.” As she read, she could feel herself getting wet and losing control.

The waiter continued to make the salad. “How long does it take to make a fucking salad!” she thought. He just looked at her occasionally and kept on stirring in ingredients.

She felt her orgasm building. “And as you got ready to come, I would reach under the table and pull the panties aside, put my fingers inside you, and feel the contractions of your hot, wet orgasm clamp down on them. But since I’m not there, you’ll have to do it.”

She slipped her hand under the table, all the time trying to act calm and normal. She pulled the panties aside as she had in the limo and slowly inserted two fingers inside her. “I am SO wet!” she thought.

The waiter started to dish up salad onto her plate just as her orgasm started. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensation for a moment, all the while biting her lip to keep from screaming or moaning out loud. She opened her eyes to see the waiter looking directly at her. “I’m sorry, what?” she gasped

“Ground pepper?” he asked, apparently for the second time.

“Yes, please,” she was able to get out. She picked up the note and began reading again.

“Did you enjoy that? I did. Now we can enjoy our salad. Please….eat.” That was the end of the note.

She picked up her fork in her very shaky hand; the same hand that a minute ago had its fingers buried deep inside her. She ate quietly and calmed down a little. The waiter brought the next course, fresh lobster, and another note. After the waiter left, she opened the envelope.

“How was your salad? Now it’s time for the meat dish. Look under the napkin where I would be sitting if I were there with you.” She did and saw a wrapped package about 8 inches long. “Take the package and unwrap it.”

She slipped the package into her lap and began to unwrap it. She blushed when she saw what it was, but wasn’t surprised, given the “tone” of the evening. It was a dildo. A very realistic and lifelike one at that. Nice size and heft. She picked up the note and continued reading.

“Do you like it? I’d like to show you mine in person, but this one is molded from mine, so it’s an exact replica. If I was there with you, we’d be enjoying our lobster, dripping in hot, melted butter. Take some of the butter and lube up my dick.” She dipped her fingers in the melted butter and smeared it all over the fabulous cock until it glistened in the candlelight. “Now put it inside you. I want you to put it all the way in and sit on it while you eat the lobster. I want to fill you up while we dine.”

She shifted slightly in her seat, slipped the soaked panties to the side again, and inserted the dildo deep inside her. “Oh that feels good!” she thought. She moved the panties back into position to keep the cock inside her, feeling its fullness and hardness fill her hot channel.

As she ate her lobster, she could feel his cock inside her. Every time she moved to reach for the butter, or to crack a part of the shell, or to pull the meat out, she felt her wet pussy sliding around on his buttered pole. It was, needless to say, the best lobster she had ever had.

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