YuraI remember a slight breeze gently brushed past me my long black hair moving slightly and quickly. My skirt fluttered against my bare legs just briefly having the fabric touch my skin. I looked up at the sky as day was quickly saying goodbye to us here in Tokyo and a mild night sky was quickly enveloping now. I stood outside my apartment block just for a moment longer just as the first twinkle of the nightsky seemed to wink at me. A little smile broke across my face. ” Good evening beautiful star , have a goodnight and my wish let him fuck me well this night. ” For various reasons , not least my boyfriend being away in Australia , I had not had sex in 3 weeks. So to say it would be good to see him is beyond obvious. I was able to quickly shower and make cut up the strawberry cheesecake I had just brought for a snack when my doorbell went. I buzzed in my Boyfriend. I recall going towards my front door with a big grin on my face. It was good to see him. He had only flown back in thw night before and he still seemed weary but looked good. We greeted with a small kiss to the lips but a really big hug. I brushed his messy hair from his eyes and took his arm as I lead him inside. Now , remember, a good host / girlfriend should offer snacks and / or a drink as soon as someone sits ! We chatted as we ate. He spoke about some mutual friends and also clients but mostly we just caught up with each other. I smiled as I told him I had missed him so much. He looked so cute just sitting smiling and just trying to lick up a bit of extra cheesecake that obviously bothered him sitting on his lower lip. His tongue nicked it but the small bit of cake didn’t move. So as a good girlfriend does I helped by licking it with my own tongue and moving in towards his extra sweet lips.It’s not like he needed an invite more than this. We have been together nearly 9 months and he knows my trick of course , but still fun. The last really conscious thought I remember is passing his lost little piece of strawberry cheesecake with a slow sweeping movement of my tongue against his and then from here it was that glorious time of passion, passion and hormone that takes over your self. Things moved quickly since we had been so horny for 3 weeks. I had slipped my hand down towards that bulge in his pants in a matter of moments. who was more keen for that , me or him !? Of course there was no complaints. As He sat – me fumbled with his pants trying to desperately acquire his cock – he seems to casually and cool as a cucumber just slip his hands under my shirt and fondle my breasts. Now , I am typically Japanese meaning I am short and slight build and yes , a noisy moaner kağıthane escort and groaner too. His hands effortlessly fondled my small but full breasts ( I saved time by not wearing a bra ! ) and I sighed as he traced his finger around my nipples. Thankfully, I was able to free his hard erection too. My BF , for an Asian guy he has a big dick : 20.5cm of natural cock. He is nice trimmed pubic hair which , yes , made his hard dick in my hand look a bit bigger. Well , his size was something I was just becoming used to having been with a girl or two before him ( I am pansexual. ) He started to tweak my nipples as I kneeling between his legs as he sat my little fist slowly moving up and down his rock hard dick. For a minute or two this was nice but I wanted more. Hero ( BF nickname ) probably could of cum in my hands and be fine with that…. not me. I looked down at the swollen head of his cock and let a big spit ball fall from my mouth onto it. For a moment I watched as my saliva started to fall down the front of his dick. I leaned down and caught it with my tongue and drew it back up to the tip of his cock before letting my lips fall either side. I took a breath and let him fall about half way into my little mouth, I heard him breath deep as I did and he squeezed my b**sts as I started my bobbing, I let my tongue swirl around his cock as I sucked him. One hand held his cock the other gently played with his balls , tickling and fondling. My speed built up, I looked up at him and smiled as he smiled at me.I wanted more. I stood and took his hand to have him stand too. He dropped his pants right of and undid hid shirt as I slipped off my tshirt exposing my perky tits. He clasps my tits as I lick his chest and pull his cock with a twisting hand motion , my hand coming toward me. His hands then drop and quickly fall under my flirty skirt , he smiles as one hand grabs my bare ass and the other goes up a wet thigh to my wet pussy- no panties here ! I moan softly as his hand runs up and between my hairless, soft , fleshy pussy lips. So wet. I have a little tuft black hair at top and is all. I ask him to lay on the floor and before he is comfortable I turn my body and let my leg go over him but my foot is flat like standing , he can now look at my curved shapely ass and then my wet pussy as I resume sucking his cock.My head moves quickly , I chuckle to myself as I know the slurping is loud and I let my free hand go under myself so I can rub my hot wet clit. It’s turn on sucking his big dick while letting him watch my rub and slightly finger myself. And it’s obviously working a treat for bakırköy escort him, I know he’s going to cum.He does not say anything Hero as his first few waves of sperm rocket out and thump into my mouth, I release my own masturbation and that had rubs his balls as his cock sends more sperm into my mouth. I hear him moaning , same as me. I pull off his cock and swallow his cum. Some trickles down my chin and he will rub it across my tits as we both stand. What I love is looking down and seeing that 20.5cm cock still hard. Twitching. Glistening from my saliva.Wanting my little fuck hole. And does my pussy want that cock !! Hero knows its time to fuck his little girlfriend , and by my hips turns me to face my couch. On it I go and he positions me for doggy , my knees on the sitting cushions my arms leanings on the back of. I hold my breath as his dick rubs along my hairless pussy lips , Then that familiar pressure of his cock head nudging between my lips and into my fuck hole. He goes slowly only giving me a few centimetres at a time taking care not to hurt me. Once he has sunk about a quarter in I start to thrust my hips back and forth onto him moaning as I end up with about half of him inside me , stretching my tight wet pussy, I then hold on to the back of my couch as he starts to fuck me. I moan. I grip my couch as he clutches my ass giving me about 15cm of cock. I hear his little groans of pleasure as my tight , wet pussy heaves and spasms on him cumming hard and squirting on him. I let out a deep sigh after I cum and squeal as he clasps my hips and starts fucking me again. I moan loudly as he leans forward to fondle my cum stained tits and about 18cm goes deep in me. He holds it kissing my cheek. I pant quickly , probably like a dog as that big cock just sits stuffed inside me, its probably the most of taken of him to this point. His hands squeeze my tits and my pants are heavy but quick, his dick barely moving inside me.So big. He leans back now but changes slightly by lifty my hops, my legs now sit either side of his waist bent to lock in for extra supports. Then he begins again , slow hard thrusts. This is a position we learned I could take his full length of cock , change of angle ? It definitely hits my gspot as his cock bangs into me , his balls hit against my swollen wet pussy lips , I’m sure I moan like a whore disturbing the neighbours , but it’s worse for them as I cum , again squirting all over his cock , lowet torso and my floor. I remember squeezing my couch back really hard as my lower half basically floats for an orgasm I never foget. I just end up sliding off şişli escort him to the side gasping for air. I turn and sit up and suck his cock a little… is it wrong to say I think I taste good ? He has my put my arms around his to his back as he liftd me my legs again by his waist his hands under my fleshy ass , I groan into his ear as his cock glides easily into my helpless hungry pussy. I bounce for a few minutes my nipples , sticky with sweat and cum pushing into his chest as he then just pounds me in mid air. I am sure his cock is going into my belly as I bite his shoulder whimpering like some cheap whore on my loves big dick.You guessed it , I squirt again in about 2 minutes of pounding kind of giggling between moans as my pussy juice squirts onto him and also hitting me. He laughs with me as my ejaculation ends… by this time my body is nearly spent.Hero turns me to the single seat this all started in and lays me on my back, his cock pops out and with both giggle at how wet my pussy is , juice and pussy cream covering my flaps and half way down my thighs. After checking for about the 10th time if I am OK , Hero has my right forward so my ass is off the chair, I rub my clit as he nudges his hard cock into me causing me to cry out.He has both legs of mine over his left shoulder , his cock feels so fucking big as I am even more compacted in this position and to be cheeky he slips a finger into my anus as he slowly pummels me. I look him in the eyes as I rub my clit . ” Fuck me baby ” I recall saying. Slowly his dick pumped in and out of me , my hand steadily rubbed my clit while that cheeky finger went in and out of my ass. I don’t know how many times I have orgasmed now… just main ones. Soon , He tilted my so I am more curled , I can easily see my tight , stretched , hungry soaking wet pussy taking his cock. What a turn on. my legs are basically behind my head as he begins to pump deeply into me. I rub my clit fast as I can only watch with wide open eyes his 20.5cm going in and out of me. ” He’s going to split me in two !” I remember thinking.But all I could do was lay there , moan like a whore , taking it hard as his skin slapped against mine. I thinm I screamed or nearly did as he started to quicken up.” You better cum inside me ” I said through gritted teeth and deep moans. I clawed his chest with my free hand and bit his forearm next to me, I squirted two more timed as he pounded me. Then He started to breath hard , I thrust my hips to meet his as much as I couldHe moaned ” Cum , baby , cum ! ” I begged in panted words.” I’m going to Yura , cum ! “.I felt that hot cum load hit into me , my pussy milked his cock for all the cum it could. I think it pulsed maybe 11 or 12 waves into me. As I collapsed down and licked our cum from his cock I dipped a finger into myself for a taste. That’s the first time I ever took his full cock. I never thought I could. It was fun and excellent experience. Hopefully some likes my story and maybe I can supply more one time.

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