Subject: Zachary All Grown Up Chapter 82 Zachary All Grown Up Chapter 82 By JJ [ ail ] DONATE TO NIFTY SO THAT WE ALL ENJOY ENDLESS HOURS OF ENJOYMENT!!! I hope everyone is having a great summer. I have had a chance to vacation with a couple of fans. I never thought when I started this journey that I would have the chance of meeting such great wonderful people. To all the loyal fans a big thanks. Chapter 82 August 3, 2022 my last day of work till next Tuesday. On the way home we stopped at BJ’s to get milk and few things I will need in the next few days with Stephen here. I grabbed two rotisserie chickens I hated to I didn’t have time to cook tonight. Zachary, Anthony and I have gotten drafted to play bocce for the IA club by the members. It seems that seven of the guys are either injured or on vacation. Poor Zachary is being thrown in with the wolves tonight he is going to be the youngest player at 19. Stephen isn’t going to be happy but will be given the choice of staying with his family, Maria, or coming with us. This is usually a guy thing and no women usually come. Tonight we are playing at the club so it will be easy to watch him if he comes. Anthony was coming for dinner and when we got home DJ was swimming with Stephen and he decided to stay for supper. Supper was baked sweet potatoes, chicken and a salad. I asked ‘Do you Stephen and DJ want to come watch us play?’ Stephen says ‘Yes.’ DJ says ‘No.’ Then I ask ‘DJ do you want to sleep over with your brother tonight?’ He answers ‘Not tonight but I will Thursday and Friday night.’ Stephen looks at him with awe and says ‘Really?’ DJ says ‘I told you I would and I may be too tired or sore once I start practice.’ I looked at DJ and let him know I was proud of what he just did. DJ says ‘Papa those two mornings you can go work out with Zachary if you want you will be back before we are even get up.’ I said ‘Thanks I may just do that.’ While we are eating Anthony says ‘I’m surprised they even want us as members if they remember what we were like as kids.’ I laughed and said ‘Poor Dad but we never were really banned and he used to laugh about it.’ DJ says ‘What did you guys do? You couldn’t have been together?’ I laughed ‘We weren’t but your grandfather was either vice-president or treasurer for most of the time.’ I was maybe 3-5 years old when I use to go and there was this big room with a bar and I use to run and slide up and down on the varnished hardwood floor I had never seen such a big empty space like that. Plus I was usually given a coke that I’m sure didn’t help. Then another time they always had a piano and I use to play it till they locked it shut. Then the stool when you spun it, it went pretty fast but on the claw legs were glass balls like marbles that were the rollers. I snuck behind the bar where there was a tool box and with a screwdriver and pliers I was going to take them off. The guys were having their meeting and going over stuff and someone must have noticed it was quiet other than the TV, no one running around or banging on the piano. I had managed to flip the stool over and was trying to get those glass marbles loose. This big guy who was the bartender yelled ‘Little J what are you doing?’ My Dad and the other guys turned around and laughed and my Dad says ‘Jared put the tools back they don’t come off.’ The next time there was a small fan on top of the piano and it was hot in there and I wanted it on so I climbed up on the stool to get the plug to plug it in and as I was reaching the stool rolled and I was hanging off the top of the piano. The bartender whose name I found out then was Butch an ex-marine ran over and rescued me before I fell. I was infatuated with that fan it weighed a ton and Butch gave it to me to take home. Zachary says ‘Is that the fan on your bureau?’ I nodded. Anthony says ‘You still have it and it works? I remember you had it in our room’ I said ‘It still works like a top. That was my room that you decided to share.’ Anthony laughed. Anthony says ‘When ankara escort I went I was no better I flooded behind the bar.’ The boys looked confused. Behind the bar they have wooden skids on the floor so you wouldn’t slip on the smooth floors as they got wet so some of them seemed to be floating which they weren’t it was just they were uneven. There used to be floating docks at the lakes or beaches that you could swim out to when we were kids. So I figured these would float too if there was enough water. I took the hose out of the sink to fill the floor. I had to be four or five myself. I use to count the squares tiles in the floor after they got rid of that beautiful hardwood floor. Running and counting out loud. Then at Christmas I use to make the Christmas lights blink on and off by pulling out the plug and putting it back in. It drove those guys crazy. Then if I got real bored if you took a piece of old tinsel and put it in a light socket it would blow the circuit breaker.’ Zachary asked ‘Old tinsel?’ Anthony says ‘When we were kids there used to be lead tinsel then they said that was a hazard and made it out of aluminum not like today that it is plastic.’ I said ‘That stuff was great it hung straight.’ Anthony said ‘Then when I was a baby they use to have a skating rink in the back and our Dad liked to ice skate and he took Michael and me I was in a carriage that that had runners so it basically was sled. Michael was to watch me while he skated. I guess Michael got bored and decided to try to get the sled/carriage out onto the ice to push it around, well the outer edge of the rink wasn’t solid and we sunk and I got wet, the blanket I was wrapped in got wet. I guess Michael didn’t care and still tried to get us on the ice even he was wet.’ I said ‘Dad was pissed you guys weren’t even there twenty minutes when that happened. But it didn’t seem to bother Michael.’ Anthony says ‘I don’t ever remember being with him after that or ever going ice skating there. That was probably his plan.’ The three others were laughing. DJ says ‘You guys had a great time growing up, didn’t you?’ Anthony says ‘I think you and my sons are having a great time too.’ DJ says ‘We have had a lot of fun.’ DJ asks ‘How come you are not taking Ian, Eric, and Stuart to play they are pretty good?’ I say ‘You have to be at least eighteen or believe me they would be.’ I say ‘You can come if you want.’ DJ says ‘That’s okay Papa the Red Sox are on tonight.’ Anthony whispers to me ‘Smooth answer.’ We got ready and DJ told me he would finish cleaning up and lock up. We left after Anthony talked to his boys. Mario was already there and he took Stephen to get him settled on the sidelines with the score keeper along with a bottle of water. Some of the old timers were there to play and to cheer. We got settled on teams which were two teams of four for each side. It was Mario, Anthony, Zachary and myself plus four veterans that were up against the rival club. After a pretty rocky start we found our groove and won three out of five matches. Afterwards we went in for drinks to celebrate. Stephen and Zachary got a kick out of the old photos on the walls. Some of the older guys teased Anthony that there wasn’t a tree up for him to short out. They talked about our Dad and showed Stephen more photos of my Dad and me that were hanging behind the bar. Butch the bartender was still there and was introduced to Stephen and Zachary. Butch for an eighty year old man was still in great shape with big arms still wearing a-shirts, shorts and flip-flops. Stephen asked ‘Are you the man that helped Papa when he was hanging on the piano.’ Butch laughed ‘I am indeed your Papa and your Uncle had a thing for plugging things in.’ Stephen says ‘I like your tattoo and Papa still has that fan on his bureau and it still works.’ Butch was amazed and said ‘I don’t believe it you do?’ I answered ‘Yes it is the best fan I have ever owned.’ Then Butch told Stephen about his tattoo. We were going to be playing for the next four weeks the three guys we escort ankara were replacing had Lyme disease that they caught mushrooming. Another not only has Lyme but West Nile from a mosquito bite. It was near 8:30 when Anthony dropped us off I checked the grill to make sure it was off, Stephen checked to see if the garden needed watering and Zachary went in to shower. He still had two days of work. I made his lunch and his oatmeal for breakfast. I was packing his gym bag when he came down. Zachary looked at Stephen on the couch and pushed me toward the back door to hold me and kiss me. We were both getting hard and he giggled. He says ‘Thank you for getting all my stuff ready. I’m going to bed I’m beat it has been a good day and night.’ I say ‘Stephen let’s go get your shower over with.’ Zachary came up with us and said ‘Goodnight’ and went into his/Stephen’s room. Stephen was filthy and I made him wash twice and scrub his hair. While he rinsing off I went down and got his warm towel he dried off and went into his room to get his pajamas. As I was straightening out the bathroom I heard him say ‘Zachary look it glows.’ Zachary answers ‘Holy cow it does glow real bright just like a night light.’ Then they giggle and Stephen says ‘See you tomorrow after work, love you.’ Zachary says ‘You have a good day with Jared tomorrow, love you too.’ Stephen was still kind of wired from the soda and I asked bed or TV he opted for TV and went down I followed told him everything was locked and he said ‘I’m fine, Zachary and you are only upstairs.’ I took a good long shower myself I was dusty from the bocce pit. When I got out I snuck quietly downstairs and Stephen was starting to nod off on the couch I went quietly upstairs and got on Zachary’s bed. Zachary stirred and said ‘I was wondering if you were coming back in to say goodnight.’ We kissed and I said ‘If DJ stays the next two nights I may go workout with you in the morning.’ Zachary says ‘I would like that.’ I kissed him a few more times and left to get dressed and to go downstairs. I checked that everything was locked up and turned off everything and Stephen woke up I carried him up and told him to pee and get in bed. Stephen climbed into bed and whispered ‘Papa I had a lot of fun tonight. I love you.’ That was it he was out, I would have visited Zachary but he had work tomorrow! I didn’t fall right asleep I was kind of wound up myself but eventually I did. I heard Zachary’s alarm go off and I eased out of bed and went down to get his things ready. He came down and I helped him out with his stuff and told him to text me when he got there. He agreed without giving me a hard time. It was partly a parent and boyfriend concern thing. I went in locked up and went back to bed. Twelve minutes later I got the text he was at the end of row 22. I chuckled and texted back ‘You are going to really haul ass if you don’t want to get stuck in traffic.’ I slept till about six then went downstairs and got on the treadmill. I ran for almost fifty minutes then lifted a little and went up to shower. I went into my bedroom to get clothes and Stephen was still sleeping. I got dressed and went down to make coffee and oatmeal. I figured the next few days there would be big breakfasts with DJ being here also. After I had my first cup and the oatmeal was finished I went upstairs and Stephen was awake lying there. I rubbed his head and back and asked ‘Did you have good sleep.’ He smiled and nodded. I told him breakfast was ready and to get up when he wants. I wasn’t going to push it he was up past nine last night and it as almost nine now. I left him and went back downstairs and texted Zachary. I asked ‘How is work? I miss you and Stephen is awake but still in bed. I love you!!’ Zachary texted ‘Kind of busy which is good. Miss you and love you more!! Geez the kid must really be tired.’ All of sudden I heard the toilet flush and the sink and Stephen thundering down the stairs. He came down all smiles and I asked ‘Ready for breakfast?’ Stephen answered ‘I’m hungry.’ ankara escort bayan I answered ‘Good I’m hungry myself I was waiting for you.’ AS we ate we talked about the bocce game. Stephen wasn’t sure what he liked more the club, the guys or the game. I asked ‘Are you going to Maria’s for lunch?’ He answered ‘No not till next week I told her I was spending the whole days with you. That I would be going to school soon so this was going to be maybe the last time I could do this.’ I said ‘You will see you will have days to spend with her and me.’ He says ‘Papa I know that but it is not like every day I’m going to be home just on days off.’ I laughed and said ‘You will see there will be a lot of those and it is not that you can’t come for supper after all you will be getting home the same time I am.’ Stephen says ‘Yeah I guess so.’ I then started to tread into dangerous waters and asked ‘Are you at least getting excited about school?’ Stephen didn’t answer right away then says ‘Yeah I guess so I got new clothes and shoes and sneakers. DJ says ‘It will be fun it is not like you will have homework.’ I then asked ‘How did the clothes shopping go the other day?’ Stephen laughed ‘Papa DJ and Mom argued a little about clothes but then she let him get all his clothes at A summer is almost over.’ Stephen says ‘Yeah but inside me like I’m not going to be doing the same things anymore.’ I turned over and held him and say ‘Boo I thought we talked about this and you were okay.’ Stephen says ‘I know but my insides feel strange all jittery and shaky at times.’ I say ‘Stephen those are growing pains. We all went through that some of us still do at times.’ Stephen says ‘Really.’ I say ‘Believe me it is normal. You see the weather is changing the days are getting shorter you are starting a new adventure with school, you may make some new friends, your days are going to be busy with school, doing things with Maria and Zachary and me, going to see DJ play football. Tell me is this the same way you felt after you went home from being here a month last winter?’ Stephen says ‘Yeah it is Papa.’ I say ‘So you were missing all of us up here then and now you are missing summer and everything you do. It is all part of growing up just think in a few days you are going to Wildwood and you like going there swimming in the ocean, walking the piers, going on all the rides. This feeling will pass.’ Stephen says ‘Papa you are smart.’ I laugh ‘Not smart it just all happened to me first, just promise me when you feel like this come and talk to me. I will always try to help you.’ Stephen says ‘Okay Papa.’ He fell asleep with me holding him. I thought about all the times I felt like he did and had to smile. It was always the end of summer, the first day of work or school after Christmas. I didn’t realize I had nodded out myself till DJ woke me up. I had slept a good thirty minutes and Stephen a little longer. DJ wanted to use the treadmill and weights and went in. I got up and Stephen woke up and I told him I was going in to lay there as long as he wanted. I made the chicken salad and finished off the pulled pork. We were having turkey burgers and tomato and cucumber salad for supper with baked beans. Stephen came in and after having a drink I gave him water to take down to his brother and he went to visit with DJ downstairs. DJ didn’t want to stay for supper and told Stephen not to stay to late if he wanted him to watch TV with him. That made me happy. Zachary came in and we got our gym stuff and work clothes ready for the next day. Our lunches would be the rigatoni from Sunday and I told Stephen I would bring him some tomorrow so he can have it for supper. We ate inside and after we cleaned up I walked him home. We brought all the hoodies I had gotten in BJ’s for the boys. They went over big. I told Andrea I will talk with her before Thursday. She said to Stephen ‘Welcome home stranger.’ Stephen says ‘Mom I was only across the street with Papa it’s not like I left for far away.’ I got my hugs and said ‘Goodnight’ and left. I missed them but it would be nice to sleep with Zachary again. JJ Feel free to comment, write, or what not! [ ail ] REMEMBER TO DONATE TO KEEP NIFTY FREE AND ALIVE!!! IT LOOKS LIKE IT MIGHT BE A LONG COLD WINTER!!!

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