Subject: Zak Adventures 7 Thanks for reading my series ! I really appreciate the kind words ! I really try to tell erotic stories and hope you enjoy them. Nifty is an awesome place ! Please offer them some support the links are on the homepage. A donation would be great! Zak Adventures 7 I awoke curled up in a ball as always. Then I woke up enough to remember and I slowly turned and I was alone. I get up and pee brush my teeth and go upstairs . I make coffee and that’s when I realize it’s 3 pm. The folks won’t be home till after nine they had said . I poured a cup and went upstairs. I was alone . I looked out of Alan’s window and noticed my car was gone. I headed back downstairs and got cleaned up and heard Alan yell . I slipped on sweats and a tee and he said come up I have food. He said I took your car to angelos and got us a pizza. He said what happened last night I sorta blacked out. I said blacked out drunk and laughed . I woke up naked in your bed. I said yea you humped me all night long. He blushed badly. No I didn’t! I smiled and said I couldn’t get your drunk ass upstairs so after I washed you off I put you in my bed. We munched pizza and he said did we do anything? I smiled and said sleep! You passed out and I went back out till daylight. Oh I said I fixed Dads tracking program on your computer so it only shows sports websites. He said thanks and all was normal. I said where do you get the cash ? He looked at me and said well I sell weed and booze . But you can’t tell anyone. I laughed and said I’ve got the cash that was in your pockets I took it out before I put them in the wash. When are the folks coming home ? I said they told me after 9 tonight . He’s been tapping away on his phone. Can you run me to Julies place ? I say sure . He runs upstairs and after a couple minutes he’s back smelling of body spray and his backpack on his shoulder. I took a couple joints and two Sprites last night . We need to find a better hide spot. I kütahya escort dropped him off and rode to the park made a pass through. I didn’t want my car in the lot. I texted the red head but got no reply. I drove back home and walked to the park. As I usually do I came in a back trail. As I walked in the trees a sound made me jump and turn. It was Brian on his bike. Hi I said to him. He skidded to a stop and was like what’s up Zak. I said you know the usual taking a walk normal stuff. How about you? He said well out getting in a bike ride ya know. It was awkward. Very awkward . I said no ones at my place and won’t be for hours . He looked at me and said well let’s go over there and hang out if that’s cool. He walked his bike along with me as we headed to my place. He set his bike by the garage and we went in downstairs. He said you got anything to drink and I went in my room and grabbed a sprite bottle . And a coke. I took a swig from the sprite/vodka and handed it to him he smelled it and took a big swallow. He said I’m not gay ok. I said I don’t care . He was it just feels good alright . I was like it sure does I like it too. He was chugging my vodka. I said wanna get naked ? Hell yes he said . We went into my room and stripped and we both were rock hard. Can you lick me again that felt great. I said yea if you kiss me first. He was I’m not kissing no guy ! I teased the big fat head of his dick and looked up at him with my brown eyes. He leaned down and kissed me then kissed me again then proceeded to rape my mouth. He broke the make out session and sat on the bed and pulled me over and put the head of my dick in his mouth. I almost came! I pushed him away and he was , what did I do wrong I said I’m way to close to blowing. He dove back down on me and I trembled and shot off in his mouth. He took it like a champ and seemed pleased with himself. He smacked his lips and was not bad tastes like mine. Yours is the first dick I’ve lara escort ever sucked. I knew he was lying I’d been in the bathroom at the park with him. I just smiled and lifted his legs and lapped at his balls and taint. When I grazed his pucker he moaned and purred. I licked and sucked at his asshole till he was butter in my hands. I got some lotion and wet him and my once again hard dick. I pressed into him and he let out a low guttural moan when I passed through his ring. My bed was low enough that I could stand and hit his ass and I did . I fucked him with abandon. Pulling out and slamming into him. I’d fuck him then pull out and suck his dick then fuck him some more. His hole was red and puffy and open and I slid a couple of my long fingers in then three then four. I felt the knot inside and I tapped it and he groaned. I put my dick back in then finished pulling out my fingers. Having cum once I was in the groove now and flipped him over and doggy fucked him and side fucked him and tried as many positions as I’d seen on videos. I had him on his back with me standing and was beating his hole when the waves of orgasm rolled over me. I went as deep as my 7 inches would get me and throbbed in him coating his insides with my cream. I kept throbbing and shuddering as I came and when I looked he was watching me cum. He said I felt it all when you came. I started to pull out and he said please not yet make me cum first. I stroked his rock hard leaking cock and he just stared at me mouth moving but no sound and he gripped my cock and shot long ropes of cum out seven or eight and then dribbles and bubbles . I slowly pulled out of him and my cum oozed out of his hole. He sat up matter of factly and kissed me passionately. His long powerful arms held me tightly. We were both breathing heavily and he said can I shower off ? I opened up the bedroom door and showed him the bathroom. His ass and back were chiseled . He did a quick lara eve gelen escort rinse and came back in the room wrapped in a towel and he quietly got dressed . Softly he said I don’t wanna be gay it’s just a phase I’m just experimenting. I laid on my bed and smiled and said cool by me . He dropped the towel on the bed and got to my door came back kissed me again and left saying see ya later Zak thanks . After a bit I got up to shower and the door opened up and Adam came in. Put some clothes on would ya . I laughed and walked to the shower. I was still glowing. I got into the shower cleaned up came out in a towel and Adam was eating pizza. He said mom and dad are back . I slipped on sweats and sat on the sofa and took a bite of his pizza . What was Brian doing here? Then he says were you two hooking up? You let that brute do you? I smiled and looked at him and swore him to a brother secret. Then I told him that I fucked him. Adam was shocked he lets you put your cock inside him. I said yep and he loves it. Adam said I sorta figured you would be the girl during sex. I smiled and said guys can do both cause we all have the same parts and pieces. He said I don’t get it but that’s cool. Then he adds that he was cool with pussy. Let’s go talk to the folks then we can smoke later . We went upstairs and there was Chinese delivery on the table so we ate and caught up! Mom showed us some old photos and I looked a lot like my Grandfathers brother . It had been a running family joke that I was switched at birth. I kept the photo. The folks thanked us for being good while they were away. To be honest they allowed us way too much freedom ! There were strict parents but for the most part ours were the norm to maybe a bit more laid back. Adam and I made sure our homework was done. Meaning I did his and mine! He was busy rolling joints for his side hustle. He slipped upstairs and came back with two sodas and said they were upstairs in the bedroom. So we went out and smoked. Adam had questions about what Brian and I did and such . It felt good to tell someone about it ! When we walked inside it seemed to me that he was as chubbed up as I was . Sex talk does that to guys . That’s it for this one! Thanks for reading! Cheers

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